I interrupt the regularly shown program to give a shout out to the Help Me Grow blog.  This is an amazing project that I have been part of over the past little over a year.  I believe in what it is with all my heart and was elated when they asked me to add a blog post to their count down to school event happening over at their place.

So without further delay:

Here is their link!  Hop on over, check it out and leave comments wherever you see fit.  Feedback would be great because the site is so new and we need your expertise wherever you can give it! In addition, “liking Help me Grow” on facebook, displaying their link button on your blog, mentioning it in a post, and “following” their site are great ways to donate to our cause without giving any money.

What better way to support a free service to parents then spreading the word?


Help Me Grow post by yours Truly

Pink Moss