*Whether passionately executing the running man, or standing on the gymnasium outer rim side clap stepping, your song remains the same*

My friends, I choose to live life.

Sometimes this means I am busily engaged, and other times I am side stepping.  I feel as if I have been on the gymnasium sidelines of darkness for the past year, just hanging on for dear life {surviving} sometimes not even able to clap to the beat, but I was still living.  There were times I wanted to give up and float off into space, but I held on. 

There is some power to doing the running man.  It makes you sweat, and yes possibly look like and idiot, but at least it makes you present in your space in time. 

If I choose to stay on the sidelines of life, it will pass me by and nothing will change, my song remains the same…but man oh man, I will choose the running man if I have any ounce of strength in me that day. 

Life moves too fast to get by with the side step, if you want to enjoy the dance.

So I was dancing today and someone took a picture…!

{ok ok} Today I was running, and I felt a film start to disintegrate off my hibernating stressed out body.  It felt good, and I realized I was lunging off the sidelines and back into the center of the dance floor. 

and it feels good.