Someday, somewhere, somehow I will reenact this video.  I LOVE these guys…ok ok I know I don’t KNOW them, but does it matter when they can pull something as cool as this off?  I say not and is this a normal thing to have on a bucket list?  I should be doing this exercise today, but instead I am off to go on a sales call!

What?  I sales call you say?  Why yes.

After several years of being home bound with the kids for 15 years, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I have decided it’s time to branch out two days a week and venture into the wide world!

Exciting? Yes. Invigorating? Yes. Happy? Yes.

If you have read about our business section, you know that we own a building maintenance company in Utah {RBM Services} and because I am a salesman now and supposed to stake my claim *says our sales training system Griffin Hill* I am supposed to say “The largest solely owned janitorial company in Utah”, which sounds a bit braggy to me, but they have done their homework and that is their advice.  We take care of companies such as Novell, Franklin Covey, State contracts, Zango, and many more. We have contracts in Wyoming and plan on expanding to Arizona Las Vegas, and Denver Colorado next.


If you are my blog friend, and I dont’ know you, but you know me, and want to help me prove my worth to my own company…give me a call!  If you know of a building anywhere from a bank or Dr’s size and up, then send me their way!  If you own the building, I will be able to come meet you in person and give a walk through of the building and an estimate on price.  If you don’t own the building, but know of or work for someone that needs help in this area…give me a call!

Am I scaring you yet?

It makes me laugh but I have had so much fun  being part of our business.  After all, Jon and I talk about it everyday so why not be there a few days a week?  One day a week I hang out at the office and go to meetings and the other day I want to find some new clients.

It has been extremely refreshing to have some adult conversations, and thank goodness my kids all love and adore Maria because I think they are excited when I leave the house for a bit.  I plan on seeing how 10 hours a week goes and taking it from there.

If you have any leads, email me at: or respond to this post.

Thanks again,

Love your new sales gal in the slacks…hahaha slacks….that reminds me of another video for your watching entertainingment! Give me a call at 1-800-imdesperate