My little man is growing up so fast!

He is smart and cute and funny and cuddly.

The other day he came up to me and said, “mama, I pooped.”  

I asked him to go and get a diaper and wipes because that’s what I do in those sort of situations.

He looked at me and said, “Noooo, because the floor is cooooold.”

{Yes it is normal for me to plop his little cute butt down on the wood floor and change him wherever I may be at the time.  Each room in the house has been christened with every child’s rear end at one point or another!

After going back and forth for a minute or two, he ran away {I assumed to bet the diaper}.

Next thing I know, he shows up dragging the entryway rug into the kitchen and proceeds to lay it down. He pulled out the diaper and wipes and lays right down on that comfy rug and says…

“Now I ready mama!”


Yesterday I took my sweet patient Ella out for a Mommy/daughter day.  

She has waited years to get me all alone, and now was her chance!  We decided that first off, she was much in need of a hair trimming.  We loved those beautiful long Rapunzelesk locks of love, but we couldn’t get a stinkin’ brush through it to save our lives, so it was off to the Barbers for us.

Her favorite part was getting her hair washed and I thought, “yep my kid is smart”.  That IS the best part of getting your hair cut!  

After she was all spiffied up, I asked her what was next on her list of things to do and she exclaimed, “Can I get glitter toe nails?!”  and I thought she must be brilliant because it was such a great idea, so we rushed down that hall to the nail place.  That’s the nice thing about a mall you know, everything is in one ginormous building of love.

When we arrived they told us that there was an hour wait, so we told them we would come back and find something to fill our time.  It was at that moment that I realized it would be a perfect moment in time to get her little *almost 8* year old ears pierced!  

So she sat down in that chair in Claire’s and held Mr. Bear tight, and by the looks of that bear…well he had been held before!  He was tattered and torn like something from “The Velveteen Rabbit”!  But he had been loved, needed, and cried upon for seemingly years!

My Ella sat down and tried not to tear up.  

She said, “Mom, I’m brave and I can do this.”

I agreed that “Yes honey, I know you can do anything you want to!”

And she waited for that gun with a pretty little blue earring in it to come toward her virgin ears.

she grimaced….

and was in shock after the first ear…

and by the second, she was a pro.

That little chick didn’t even cry….she just kind of looked shocked.

I was waiting for something to happen, but she just looked at me with big eyes.

As you can see, Ella is happy with two more holes in her body, freshly cut hair, new shoes and toes ta boot!  Afterward we went to Mimi’s Cafe to relax and talk after all the intense body changing experiences and she exclaimed, 

“Mom, this has been the best day of my life!! Thank you!”

oh, and after that I dropped off Ella, picked up Kinley and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the gyno.  It can’t get much better than that and when they asked if Kinley wanted to come into my 5 yearly pap smear, I said that I thought she might be messed up for life.  

After they gave me a piece of paper to put on the bottom half and something that looked like a child’s dress up that tied in the back for my top half, I know I was right.

Even better?

I now know my amazing Dr Judd in real life because he is Whitney’s best friends grandpa/dad, and opening up to him in that sort of way was different than when he delivered Halle and I didnt’ now him in that sort of way.  But he made it comfortable…as comfortable as it can be being mostly naked on a hard table with my feet in stirups…

giddy up.

So afterward, we shook it all off by buying stuff for Kinley’s Harry Potter costume at Savers for the premier tomorrow and I was jealous of her time she took carving her wand.  

How is that for a mother?..

And to top off this perfect day?  I found some cute cute cute clothes for myself and the kids at Savers.  Yes, I sometimes shop at old thrift stores.  I have found some of my all time favorite finds there.

good day.