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Source: via Janae on Pinterest

I am pretty behind on my blog…I have pictures stacked up to here and there.   I guess that is what summer is about, making memories and not just writing them.  Just to name a few posts yet to write? Handsome’s adoption finalization day, the fourth of July, our family pony party, visiting my bestie in Arkansaw…. and so much more.

But because today, I have no pictures downloaded yet….I wanted to tell you about something I am newly obsessed with.  Do you know how as a kid you would rip things out of magazines and save them because for whatever reason it made your heart go pitter patter? I did, but inevitably eventually the picture get’s lost and you have lost the inspiration with it. (in my case anyway).


There is this thing called Pinterest, and it is an online file cabinet of sorts for everything you love.  I found out about it from a friend and I love. love. love. it.  In fact you can be “friends” on pinterest and share all of your pictures with each other!  Amazing?  Yes.  Addicting? Yes.  In fact, I spent probably 5 hours on pinterest as we traveled up and back to our cabin over the fourth of July!

Want to see what I mean?  Just click here.

And if you want to see what I pin…well I know there is a way to find me and I’m not quite sure how yet.  It is under my name (janae moss) SO, if you get an itch to shop without spending money?  Take a minute to check it out.  Here are a few pictures I have saved to get your juices going!

Source: via Janae on Pinterest

Source: via Janae on

Source: None via Janae on Pinterest

You see…?


  I have been decorating my next home, buying clothes, cooking, and laughing at sayings there for days now.  I have to say, it encouraged me to find a few outfits that I otherwise wouldn’t have found….so beware!