Have you ever had to hold in a secret that you just didn’t think you could hold?

I have, and it’s happening right now (if I be so bold)

I want to shout my little excitement from the rooftops, not repress it all tucked away nice and pretty inside my bulging with anticipation, bubbly body.

But instead, my news is locked up inside where nobody can see, I’ve swallowed that key

so I’m sorry, guess you will have to wait to hear the message from me.

You could ask questions, but I just won’t tell.

You could try and drag it out of me, tickle, pinch, or bribe, but to no avail.

This secret is stuck right where it needs to be

repressed, tied down, hidden from you, them, and he.

Soon you will know because I’m sure I will burst

The secret will be unleashed, *AHHH this is the worst*

But not today.