I will let these pictures speak for themselves.

Yesterday we hiked to Timpanogos Cave in the heat of the day.  My cousin Kim and her kids Lexi and Dillion joined us (actually we went because they are staying at our house and they planned to go).  It was only a mile and a half up the mountain, but it was STRAIGHT up the mountain and that is what made it challenging.  Between my breathing issue, Kinley’s asthma, and the Tuckers used to sea level heights, we were all a bit challenged.  I was so proud of everyone for making it to the top without complaining.  Yes, we spoke of how hard it was but nobody whined.  

And believe me, it is worth getting to the top!




 This is the most amazing outhouse we have ever used!





 and the caves were fascinating, dark and 45 degrees!


My blog takes second place to all the adventures we are busy having right now.  Stay tuned to see the story of Handsome’s adoption finalization day, Sundance picnic, and much more!  I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are.