We were driving fast

along the freeway we flew, not a care in the world.

The day was long and my list of thoughts were too, reflecting on the recent events.

We woke up that morning ready for an adventure of family and fun.

We dressed, brushed, tucked, and tied our Sunday outfits into place,

and rushed out the door.

Abigail’s baby blessing was beautiful, thanks to my brother Dave.

So beautiful in fact, I wish I could have written it down.

So eloquent and thoughtful, so full of love and peace.

I was surrounded by family,

babies all around, even my Carter that isn’t able to make it very often.

A very rollie Jayne, a fidgety Halley, a snugly Bug, a snorting Jackson, and a hungry Handsome.

Afterward we were fed wonderfully

homemade desserts and dinner, by Emmy’s darling family

and we chatted as people swirled all around feeding their children.

We left exhausted and complete….and we were driving home to relax.

It happened so fast

the freeway seemed to come to a stop before my eyes.

The cars swerved to the right, as another car rolled into the wall in front of us on the left.

We had some time to react, enough to slow down to hit the saddle bag

that they had tried to miss.

We couldn’t jerk into the next lane, all I could do was stare as Jon maneuvered around the crash.

The little girl was sitting on the freeway crying, ejected from the car

Her mother was in the drivers seat screaming,

as her husband and other child were being pulled out of the car.

We started to pull over and Kinley rushed to undo her seat belt to help.

I yelled at her, “no” and Jon almost jumped out but realized they had help already.

We hit our brakes to slow the oncoming traffic, to protect the family.

And we passed.

Before I knew it, tears were rolling down my cheeks.

I felt so bad for the mother, and the family.

As I watched my kids play outside tonight in the warm summer breeze

I wanted time to move just a bit slower.

Even the laundry and dishes were enjoyable as I listened to their laughter.

Not one of us have any idea how many days we have left on this planet.

We never know if it’s our last

Life is too short for hatred, jealousy, anger, and pride.

I for one, am recommitted to taking each day, one at a time.

I want to BE where I am, and not side tracked by thoughts of where I want to be.

I want to enjoy every day with my kids, that are growing up way too fast.

After all, my 15 year old daughter was just being blessed…seemingly yesterday.