I am full of grateful, indeed.

You see today is the day that Handsome, our Jordan is legally ours forever! We are wakin’ up the kiddies in t minus 5 minutes and getting them ready to go visit the judge. We will promise to take care of our little man forever and ever

yes we will.

Another reason my lil’ heart is busting at the seams today, is because my other man was nominated for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year. He didn’t win {this time} but he tried, and I believe will one day make it, and if not he is still a winner in my book and my book is all that matters.

We attended a celebration last night for all of the winners, people nominated, businesses involved, and guests.


It’s always fun to have an excuse to dress up, something I never thought I would do even a few years ago as I changed baby diapers, fed babies, and such. But now I’m smack dab in the middle of women in flowy gowns of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hair that is twisted, straightened, and curled. Men in tuxes, and people calling me mam and offering me hordoeuvres This was all highly unlikely in my brain, but here I am just the same.

What an honor to be surrounded by like minded people. People that believe in free enterprise, hard work, and dreams that come true. People that have worked and sweat each day building block by block to create their masterpiece whatever it may be. Some were old and some were in their early adult life. Some had build businesses fast and furious and sold them for 1.3 billion as in the case of Josh James of Omniature, and others have waited until their very senior years to be recognized for a lifetime of work.

They selected somewhere around 3 finalists in each category *service, consumer, etc.* and picked a winner. But above and beyond the final winners, there were many deserving people in the audience and hundreds of supporters cheering for their team.

It was moving
It was happiness in a bottle
It was motivating

So motivating in fact that when we got home at 11:30, Jon was taking a shower as I took notes of our goals and dreams a.g.a.i.n. My eyelashes were fluttering and I was oh so tired, but I couldn’t derail his passion and fire that had been rekindled yet again. Family goals, personal goals, and business goals were all written down in short and long term format. This page of mine is full of goals, but you know what?

There is power in writing it down.

I am not sure why, maybe it’s true intent, maybe it gives the angels on the other side a chance to see what they can help us with, maybe it is a placebo effect, or just for fun but it works.

And just ask me how grateful I am for our surrounding team of people in business and personal? They are the best, and just ask me how grateful I am for the mentors we have been blessed with along the way?

Very blessed indeed.

And just ask me how grateful I am for a stretchy gown to wear at the forever long event? So dang thankful because my tummy was so full of gas and all Jon could say was,

“Just let out a little.”
“P.l.e.a.s.e…!!! It would be SO funny!”


“Should I squeeze you?”
“No, it would blow out my ears.”

and we laughed in the front of a large room with cameras everywhere as we thought of our lives and future plans. A picture with Governor Herbert and a sweet visit from Chip that put together the Energy Solutions Arena deal * he has pledged to be a mentor to Jon because he loves his story*, and after a long day falling asleep like a rock.

Yes, I am full of grateful.