This boy is hungry.

When you walk downstairs and this boy has climbed into the pantry, pulled out a thing of noodles and is eating it plain in a bowl, it means he is hungry.

When we drive in the car he says
“I wan lunch.”

When he wakes up he says
“I wan breakfast”

When it’s 10:00 am he says
“I wan two breakfasts”

At 3:00 he says
“I wan dinner”

When I tell him it isn’t time, he says
“I wan a snack”

And when I ask what he wants, he says
“I wanna quesadillas.”
“I wan toast”
“I wan peanut butter”
“I wan cereal”
“I wan ice cream”
“I wan spaghetti”

He is growing, growing, grown.

He can say whatever he wants, and says it well. Yesterday we went to the get ice cream. When we walked up to the building he said,

“There is 1,2,3,4, bikes!”
and there were.

This boy is hungry and smart!