A few days ago I offered to plan a day of fun for Father’s Day.

A day where Jon could go fly in his plane, go four wheeling with the guys, or spend the day at the movie theatre.  In response he said,

“Honey, thank you but I would just rather spend the day with you and the kids.”

I was dumbfounded and fell completely into love, again.

[I have to say, I may have picked the free day….just sayin’]

Happy Father’s Day to Hubster:

The best example I know of simply living life the right way.


Always working on bettering himself.

Endless giving.

Hard work in service of those he loves, and doesn’t even know.


My best friend for life.

Forever goal setting.


The man I feel free to snuggle with, cry to, and bare my soul.

Always shocking and rather funny.

Always putting the kids schedule first, regardless of work pressures.

Truly a living Santa Claus all year long.

Using raw talent and working on challenges.

Remembering the importance of fun.

Fiercely loyal.

Forgiving of my weaknesses.

in short, my partner in crime and a man I wish to rock on the porch with when I am old and grey.

Love you my Hubster man, I just love ya.