This morning I am laying here in my bed and I had the thought…

“Why don’t I have a little contest here on Pink Moss today?!”

 and then I thought about it for a minute and I agreed with myself.

So here’s the thing.  I am going to ask 10 questions that you could/would/might know about me from reading this here blog.  Obviously the longer you have read it, the better chance you have of knowing the answers

*and this is in my grand scheme of things*

Without further delay…




1.  What animal freaks me out more than any other and why?

2.  What is the name of Hubster’s grandma…the one I love sharing stories about *and share a story about her quickly that I have shared*

3.  What is the funniest story I have told here on Pink Moss and why?

4. What animals have been tortured at our home *on accident*

5.  What holiday always produces the biggest party at our house?

6.  What question do you ask yourself over and over as you read my crazy posts?

7.  What is my favorite thing to do in the summer and what is yours *if you want to share*

8.  What was the nastiest treat one of my kids left at the park for someone to find?

9.  What is a similarity or a difference between you and I?

10. What country are you from and where did you find Pink Moss?

ok, I understand this entry could take you a while but it will be worth your while, I promise!

I am giving away a strand of pears *yes real pearls* to the person that answers these questions the most correctly.  If there are more than one that are close, I will draw out of a hat between the names.  This way, it narrows it down to those that have been around here the longest and deserve to win such a great prize. 


you will have the option of black, white, or pink pearls.  So my friends, answer the questions and email your answers to me at  This way nobody can cheat and look at other friends  answers

*not that you would ever do that of course*

After you enter, send a comment on this post saying you did, like my facebook page, and share

this link on your facebook wall saying you entered to win some pearls

I will post the entries I get when I choose the winner next Friday the 17th of June so we can all laugh at them.  Need a bonus question in case you answer one wrong….?  Post a picture of whatever summer means to you on the Pink Moss facebook page!