My Ella *a.k.a. Monkey* is ready for summer.

How do I know she is ready for summer you ask…?  Just check out what I found in her room this morning.

There is nothing like the endless possibilities of summer when you are a kid.  

When Hubster read this, he bust out laughing and said, “hmmmm, now this reminds me of someone I know pretty well…” Yes, she is a chip off the old block! My block that is.  

As my brother said, 

 “Wait…What about down time…?”

I remember feeling like summer lasted forever, like it would never ever end.  Days were spent running through the trees around my house with my family, riding horses on my grandma’s ranch, mowing the lawn, riding bicycles, picking wild flowers, having BBQ’s, making jewelry out of snake grass, and sending paper made boats down the stream.

It brings a smile to my heart to see my little girl feeling the magic of summer.  What things did you love to do as a kid in the summer?  Any great ideas to keep the kids busy…?  Please share!