Sometimes life throws you around.

It’s easy to feel like you are in a raging river being forced through boulders and hidden drops.  We all experience these feelings in different ways, and at different times in our lives, but we all feel them.  We hope and pray for things to run smoothly and to be peaceful.  Unfortunately the times that build our character are not this way.  We are strengthened by adversity, we find answers in pain.  The times I have poured my heart out to my Heavenly Father in solitude, are the times I have learned the most.  We have to rely on Jesus Christ to get us through…we have to learn that not only is it painful to try to do it alone, it is impossible.  None of us have the power to overcome this life standing alone.  We were made week as to learn to be humble enough to ask for help.

I have learned this lesson over and over and over again.


My sweet nephew Carter was admitted to the hospital again last night after only being home for only 5 days.  His last stay was 124 days total.  {These are some pictures I took when his little sister Hailey was born}.  He has a sad sad heart that has struggled right from the beginning of his life.  They call him the “super dooper trooper” because he fights.  He struggles to breathe, to eat, and just enjoy the basic necessities of life we all take for granted.


I honestly don’t know how my brother and sister in law do it.  My heart breaks to watch them give everything they have every day and still feel so helpless.  One parent sleeps by his side in the hospital while the other is at home with their other little baby girl and they trade off turns.  My brother gets up and goes to work every day (actually with Jon) and Amy juggles the kids between home and the hospital. Carter knows he is loved…unconditionally…and always.  This is the best gift they could give him.  What a supported lucky little boy to feel so much love and patience. 

My heart aches for them.

I wonder how one family can endure so much and yet they are some of the most optimistic calming people I know.  They still find time to serve in their church and offer to help others around them.  I pray that I can be as patient on my journey. 


They can use all the prayers they can get.