Have you ever wished to find a genie in a bottle?  I have, come to think of it there were some guys in high school that used to call me “I dream of Jee-nae” Oh boy, and they wonder why that pick up line didn’t work!

After further review, I’m thinking she would be an outstanding costume for next Halloween…hmmmm…ANYWAY,

I just sat down after a long motherly kind of day.

I woke up, got the kids ready, drove to school and back, did the dishes, cleaned the pantry out, went through old court paperwork that I never want to see again, took a call from the doctor asking me to get a breathing test done that I already did and it showed I’m only able to utilize 64% of what I breathe in, *no wonder I’ve been tired*, had a surprise call from hubzy asking me if I’d like to go to lunch *well of course I would*, ate a yummy lunch at Magleby’s complete with their signature chocolate cake, drove home, traded cars and drove to the store for ice cream sandwiches for Ella’s report, drove home, picked up the two Little’s, drove to school again *30 minutes away*, realized both kids had fallen asleep and I need to carry them and the ice cream sandwiches housed into a cooler into the school in five minutes, made it to the classroom huffing and puffing to hear her report and I was 5 minutes too late, left the ice cream for tomorrow because they postponed it, got in the car, drove home, dropped off the kids, drove to get a diet strawberry limeade with Mack, drove home and smiled at  Rooz that came to visit as I finished off the pantry, handed Rooz her “lost” social security card that was in her file all along, turned to see the Sprite knocked over my 44 oz. Sonic drink all over my desk calender, cleaned it up, made dinner, helped the kids with homework, Hubzie came home, laid in bed for 15 minutes while the chicken finished cooking and had a slight breakdown silently, got back up, set the table, ate dinner as a family, decided to play jenga as a family for “FHE”, walked over to get it out of my cute hand painted green drawers, bent over to gather them, stood up and hit my head on the mantle of the fireplace, heard Hubster say, “are you all right?!” as I laid on the floor, walked over to the table, played the game, cleaned up, Hubzie showed me where my bruise would develop, ushered children upstairs to bed, helped Ella with homework, got teeth brushed, baths taken care of, put Handsome to bed 10 times…and here I am.

So back to my original point, I would love to find a genie and this is what I’d ask for:

I’d like for Handsome to stop handing me his boogers….  I don’t want them.

I’d like to use the bathroom in peace…without someone screaming at me from the opposite side of the door.  I’d like to take care of my bathroom issues without a spectator and saying, “wow! what’s that?! Look over there!”

I’d like to go to the grocery store without having to push the big red germ infested car cart around knocking over rounders.  Yes, it has happened, I’m not just trying to be funny.

I’d like to not be so surprised when I climb into the backity back of my Suburban.  The combinations of things left there are outright comical/disgusting

I’d like for a fart during dinner to not be the most cherished part of the day.  Although it is the only time my kids are laughing together and not at each other.

I’d like to find everything where I left it.  I have a hard enough time with my mother memory brain

*I think I birthed it with the children* PLEASE for the love, just leave my clothes, jewelry, and mascara where it is! AND FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, DON’T TOUCH DAD’S REMOTE CONTROL.

I’d like to have my kids use the same towel for a week…just one week of being able to keep up with the laundry….and a single outfit a day could do wonders.

I’d like to hide the annoying talking lawnmower the Hubster just bought Handsome.  I push it around on purpose when he is sleeping just to remind him that it was a poor judgement purchase.

I’d like for Handsome to stop playing with his penis, something I never thought would be an issue in this house.  When I tell him it’s gross he laughs and says, “no isss no gross!” Well ok, but at least it would be nice if he didn’t try to push it inside out.

I’d like a lot of things, but that’s OK.  A girl can dream right? Oh and guess what else I’d like?..

for you to enter my contest! Good luck!