I am starting this week of with a killer contest her at Pink Moss!

Here we go:

Anyone that likes my facebook page “Pink Moss” and posts your favorite picture that makes you the hap hap happiest on my wall is automatically entered to win…

A beautiful Pandora Bracelet (by Diamonds by Donna) with $129.00 value.

I will randomly draw the winner out of a hat (literally) and announce the winner on Friday May 27th. Oh, and if you share this contest onto your facebook page, that is counted as a second entry, just let me know that you did when you post your picture!


And now for some other great outstanding and brilliant news..?

I am going to the U2 concert tomorrow in Salt Lake City!  I had tickets to attend last year but they had to cancel it for some reason that I can’t remember.  I am ready ready ready to go and have already planned a trip to Wally-Mart to buy ponchos for the inevitable rain.  U2 is a band that I have loved FOREVER and they put on some pretty amazing concerts.  I have been to several and am ready to be wowed again!

Have you every been to a U2 concert?  Who is your favorite band and were you able to go to their concert?  Let me know who I need to see next!

And don’t forget to enter!