Yesterday was a perfect day.

It was a perfect day to lay in my bed with a Bug on the left and a Handsome on the right.  We read Green Eggs and Ham and a Little Golden Book about a tug boat.  The rain was falling above me on the sky light

pit. pat. pit. pat.

and the temperature was juuuuust right.  The clouds covered the sun and all three of us were cuddled together in my big blue flowered comforter.

Yes, it was a perfect day.

After finishing both books, I noticed that all three of us were yawning.  I laid the books down softly and whispered, “Let’s just shut our eyes for a moment and relax…” Before I knew it, all three of us had fallen asleep.  I don’t know how long we slept but when I woke up, I saw this.  


Luckily I had my phone in my pocket to capture these sweet moments.


And then, Mr. Handsome woke up and started flashing his most brilliant brown eyes and smile at me.  I had no control over my trigger happy finger, it was photo shoot time.


And the rain continued to fall


And poor Bug had no intention of waking up.  She was content, comfortable, and warm.


 For a while anyway until Handsome couldn’t handle it any longer.  He reached over and started to poke poke poke.

 Eventually he gave up.  

His big sister was just not ready to go play yet.  

These two are joined at the hip.  They are either fighting or playing and either one is fine with me.  You see they love each other and they will grow up protecting one another and remembering all the fun times they had.  I never thought I would have twins, but I got pretty dang close!

Have a great weekend everyone!

What are your plans?  I am hoping to work in the yard, clean out my garage {again}

and drive Mack to a party, Noo to a party, Monkey to a party…Its the end of the school year and they are all living it up! Pretty soon I’ll have to find a way to keep them all busy during the summer months.  My life it about to get a lot more loud *no more sneaking naps*


If I am lucky I hope to see Johnny Depp in his new movie!!