oh oh oh!!

I never blog twice in a day, but guess what just happened?

Do you remember that boy I adopted? Handsome is his name…well I have laid down by him for seven months for naps and bed time.  That little man loves me by his side as he drifts off to never land, but it gets somewhat tiring for me.

My legs tend to fall asleep and my eyes and brain want to, but I know if I do I would have to wake up and walk to my room, half grogelly.  So I don’t.  I wait, and wait, and wait some more.  Sometimes it’s pretty fast and sometimes it’s really long.

Tonight I handed him a drink and a book and said, “Good night honey, I love you.”


And guess what?!! He said my name a few times and I peeked really sneakly-like and watched as he looked at the book until his little eyes fluttered…once, twice, three times….and there it was.  His cute little snore that he gets sometimes when he is really tired.

For the first many months, I was laying by him in his bed.  He held my hand and stared at my face.  Then when I felt like he could handle it without too much upset, I sat by him on the floor and held his hand.  About two months ago I moved his sister in the same room so he could always see someone there if he woke up, I slid over and laid on the floor away from him…which was the hardest transition yet, but he got through it….and then finally I tucked him in like one of my other kids after seven long months!  I am not saying this will happen every night now, but once gave me hope for a future of easier tuck ins.  Besides, I don’t want to sit by his bed and hold his hand when he is 12, or 16, or when he is married.  That could be pretty creepy…

“DAD, Grandma is just in the way.  She is sitting by the bed holding your hand and she SCARES ME!”

You get the point, so I rejoiced because getting an adopted toddler to sleep on his own is a challenge, and one to not be taken lightly.  So I had to take a picture of the cute little boy with long eye lashes and pat myself on the back for being so patient with him when I have been so tired.  I believe it will pay off for years to come.  He knows he is safe, loved, and all snuggled up in a bed where he is happy.

and that makes me happy.



And yes, this is Handsome, how amazing is my iphone?!