I have been busy chasing kids but just a few things before he weekend begins..

 I saw this picture that a friend posted on face book and died laughing.  It is ever so perfect!


Another great thing I have discovered in the past few days is “my fitness pal” app on the iPhone.  I know that not everyone can join in the fun because we all have different phones, BUT the ones that do..

listen up!

Do you remember how I started recording the exercises I was doing on my blog but it fizzled out like a wet sparkler?  Well this app will redeem me!  You can join for free and be my “Pal”.  This makes it easy to see record what you eat and how you exercise and I can SEE IT!! We can compare notes and laugh at our mistakes and cheer for our successes! 

So, join up and send a request to “shmonae” and we can be healthy together!

Happy Weekend!  I plan on pulling weeds, doing laundry, watching my kids try out for soccer teams, and watching a ballroom dance competition.