Seeing how I am a wife of a building maintenance business owner I get to hear loads of fun stories and facts about bathrooms.  Most of them are pretty much as you expect, for example: Guys wash their hands less and cleaning girls bathrooms can be disgusting even though we are the ones complaining about how nasty guys are in the bathroom.  


Today I heard a few facts that disgusted me.

“Guess what” Hubman says


“I went to a training yesterday with the guys on how to clean bathrooms and heard the sickest stats yet.”

“Great, well then you had better share them.”

“Yea….get this.  Where do you think the most fecal matter is found in a bathroom?”

“On handles..?” I say flashing back to all the times I lean into the door to open it instead of touching the germ infested orb.

“Yes, but where?”

“On the guys door handle going out of the bathroom?”


“Ok, where?”

“On the girls stall door handle…”

“Really?! Sick.”

“Yea, and get this! Only 89% of people wash their hands if they think nobody is watching!”

{Really, are people thinking….”Oh phew!! Nobody is here, I don’t have to wash this time!”}


You get the point, gross!  

And then I started wondering why girls handles were dirtier and although I probably didn’t want my brain to skip down that path, it was happening.  Brain Stop STOP!! But no control was there.  My mind was on a trip of it’s own..

“Maybe I should sing a primary song” I thought…

“I am a child of God….” It wasn’t working, so lucky you, I am sharing my thought process.  Maybe the reason girls door handles are dirtier is because they actually wiped!  I’m serious, guys are sick and Jon talks all the time about the guys that walk out of the bathroom and straight to the buffet for lunch…

Maybe they guys aren’t even wiping?  I’ll have to ask Hubpooman if that theory is plausible.  

So now that I am on the subject, I thought I would share a few more facts we have learned in the janitorial business and online.

The most common bathroom mistake is people falling into the toilet when the seat is left up (85%).  43% of homes in the US have more than one bathroom and 18% of those home owners scrub their shower in the nude!  The toilet handle in a public bathroom can have 40,000 germs per square inch.  55.2% of people let someone else come into the bathroom while they are using it.  45.2% of people pee in the shower.

So there you have it.

Wash your hands…and as for me, I am having this strange urge to go clean my bathrooms!