News Flash:

There are going to be some changes around here.

It’s Spring time and I always get antsy for rearranging about this time of year.  Furniture mysteriously ends up in different spots, rooms have been known to change color over night, closets seem a bit more empty…

and so it will be with Pink Moss

I have asked someone I trust for advice on my blog.  I don’t know him personally, but I do know him online.  He has an outstanding blog namedSingle Dad Laughing.  He has a large following and is very talented.  Check out his blog and prepare to be addicted!

I didn’t start out blogging to get sponsors, or make my blog huge…or anything of the sort.  It has however become a fun creative outlet for me, and over time I have had lots of offers to do reviews and to turn my blog into more of a “professional blog”.  I have put it off because it wasn’t my original intent, but as time goes on it just makes sense. 

 I am blogging anyway

It is something I enjoy because I love pictures, writing, and promoting things I believe in

and more importantly, I hate to scrap book

That’s why when Dan from S.D.L. let me know that my blog was a “scrapbook feel mom blog” in so many words, it made sense….because well, it is.  SO, he has been helping me get a more clean look to my blog.  Some of you might be sad, and some of you might be happy.  It will be a totally different feel, but I trust him.  

He writes about really important things like “The hierarchy of M&M’s”

I think he will start making the switch tonight when everyone should be sleeping and not reading my blog.  If everything goes smoothly, it could be up and running tomorrow!


Stay Tuned!