Some bloggers say that you should actually write a schedule for what you will blog each week…I am way to chill for that.  I wake up, turn on the computer and start writing about whatever comes to mind.  

It is a perfect day to do nothing much today.

The rain falls and even threatens of thunder.  The clouds cover the sun and a good book looks overly inviting.  I have been reading Jane Eyre and would love to finish it sometime soon. When I get into a book, I have a hard time putting it down.  I  become fully engrossed in the characters, scenery, and feeling of the story.  My emotions can even be effected by the book if they are a good enough writer…SO, I have to be really careful what I read.  Once I read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and was walking around in a daze for a week after I finished the book.

Movies don’t have quite the same effect because it all happens in an hour or two and someone else picks the outfits and the character shows you what they are…it’s too easy and my imagination doesn’t become so involved.  

Hubster LOVES movies.  

It is one of the few things that completely take his mind off of work for a minute.  Because of this, it is part of our life.  We go to movies a lot and we both love the smell of popcorn and the escape from strategiesing about business for just a moment.  If Jon is awake, his brain is working on problems.  He has nobody else to completely unload all of his decisions on because I am the only one that gets the dynamic of all the businesses.  It is very common for people to ask things like…

“Why did you do that? It doesn’t make sense”

But they don’t get the whole picture.  I explain it like a pie, an apple pie if you will.  When juggling let’s say 12 businesses *pieces of the pie*, people only understand their piece.  They look at their piece of the pie and it’s easy for them to decide what moves Jon and I should make in business, but they only get a portion of what is going on as a whole in the business.  I try to be patient with criticisms and opinions because I know they just don’t get it, but sometimes it gets old.  

The other problem is that it’s easy to make a decision and opinion about our businesses if you aren’t the one paying for it.  When the money and risk comes out of our pocket, it changes how it is viewed.  Many people come to work for us and leave at night with a guaranteed pay check and while “being the boss” may look very appealing, try being the guy that has to make sure that paycheck keeps coming in.  There is no going home from work, the pressure is constant and heavy.  

*sorry for that little rant, but after Jon unloads I have nowhere to vent :)*


So let me tell  you about my Mother’s Day yesterday because it was actually kind of funny in a twisted sort of way.  I woke up…dressed and readied the kids for church which is always an ordeal.


“MOM she HIT me!!!”

“LEAVE ME alone!!’

and on and on

We finally made it to the car…

“QUIT FIGHTING, it’s Mother’s Day!’

“No, I’ll say what I WANT to”

I asked someone to  buckle Handsome up and he decided that wasn’t on his to do list, so he freaked out.  It didn’t help the fact that he had woken up at 3:00 a.m. for whatever reason and then again at 6:30.  He was tired.  He actually loves church and was excited to go.  He said something I didn’t understand a few times until I finally realized he wanted to wear his “Lightening Mcqueen” sun glasses that Mack bought him for Easter.

So we put them on

and he was happy

for a minute.

We drove to church as everyone yelled at each other for not being nice to me on Mother’s Day.  

Mack looked at me and said, “Mom, too bad people on the blog can’t see how it REALLY is at our house.”  I found this funny and assume she is right.  I don’t like to talk about the child fighting too much that goes on because my blog is my relaxation time and I want to remember the good of the day…not the annoying.  But it made me wonder if Pink Moss readers think it is all running smoothly around these parts…?

{Come on people}

I have six kids at home right now ranging from fifteen to two

from pre-dates to poo

There are cat fights and hormones galore

our house is not a bore

The laundry simply is never done

and lessons and soccer games fill our days with “fun”

With a business busy dad

and a scatter brained rad (mom)

There is never a dull day.  

It is not perfect

Anyway, we get to church and Handsome refuses to take off the shades, so I unload all the kids and make it to the entrance and for whatever reason Handsome starts freaking out again.  I decided to let him keep the glasses on because come on, why not?  If the spirit is bright in church his eyes will be protected and I’m all about protection in many senses of the word.  

We walked in and sat down. 

 I heard snickering in the Primary from my friend/co-teachers as they looked over.  He did look pretty stinkin’ cute with a white button up shirt, stripped bow tie, and shades.  He was smiling ear to ear and started humming to the music.  There were two other people sitting with my class because I was late and my class is anything but manageable.  

After a few minutes we were excused to go to our next class.

“Sister Moss’ class is excused.”

They knew they had better get me out of there quick.  I looked frazzled.  We waltzed down the hall and made it to the classroom.  Noo had come with me to help and passed out an activity to color for their moms and once again Handsome let us have it.

“Pick ME UP!!”

He continued to wail until another teacher/friend Jackie Porter came to see what all the commotion was. She offered to help and at first I didn’t think I would need it, but the next thing I knew my little legs were sprinting out of that church.  

I made it home in a blur as Handsome yelled that he wanted to go to class, and I ran inside, laid down by him until he went to sleep, and I dove for my bed.  

That’s right, my kids were still at church but I figured they were pretty darned safe at church and I didn’t think they would call social services on me especially on Mother’s Day.  I ate some chocolate and read a magazine and fantasized about starting an uplifting magazine for girls again.  

Hubzie found me and tried to listen to my crazy idea without choking.

“You know, I haven’t worked this hard so you would HAVE to work.  Isn’t six kids enough to handle right now?”

I knew he was right.

I wouldn’t have gone back to church but my other kids were singing about how Mother’s Day is so happy, and I like those little singing faces so I drug myself out of bed and drove back.  Lucky for Jon he was late to church and then HAD to stay so Handsome could sleep.  

When I sat down in sacrament meeting, all my kids handed me little notes and treats.  Sprite handed me a flower to pin on and asked, “Mom, can I go sit with my friend?”  I told her no as I was putting on my flower and I heard her mumble, “I shouldn’t have even given that to you then!”  I said, “well OK” and took off the flower and set it down.

The beautiful yellow flower snapped off and rolled onto the floor and you would have thought Sprite’s eyes could have bore a hole straight through my head.  

“I CAN’T believe you BROKE it!!”

“Well, you didn’t want me to have it anymore anyway.”

“I can’t believe you BROKE IT”

“I didn’t mean to brake it.”

“It’s BROKEN!”

And so it went for the prayer and opening song.  Squinted angry eyes…just glaring.  I was so excited for her to walk to the front of the church and sing her special Mother’s Day song to me with that look on her face.

Strike two: Another reason to call Social Services.  If I hit three, they might just do it, even on Mother’s Day.  “At least I didn’t hit her…” I thought.

After they kids sang, I just decided I had had enough special love at church that day and we left.  “MOM, where are we going?” 



“Because I said so”

Their short little legs couldn’t keep up with me as we rounded the corner and jumped into my dirty car “I need to clean my car again” I thought for the 80th time this week.  We drove home and I announced that I would be taking a Mother’s Day nap.  Monkey walked in and I asked her to snuggle me, and we slept together.  

It was calm and lovely.

And then I woke up to a Handsome little face.

“Mom, we going to grandmas?”


“Mom, can I get dressed?”


“Mom, we see Grandpa too?”

“Yes, get a shirt on.”



“Mom, see my shirt?”

with closed eyes “Yes”

“Can we go?”

“Yes, in a minute.  Get some pants on.”



“Ok momma, now we go?”

“In a bit Handsome”

“Can we go now?”

“Not yet, go get some shoes on.”



*I was running out of things to tell him to get as I slept*

“Ok, mom…can we go now?”

“Almost, get a hat on”



“Ok mom”

{I knew I had pushed it off as long as possible.  I opened my eyes and saw this}

and that red color around his lips that you can’t see that well?

That’s red chap stick, I still can’t get it all off.

How cute?  At least he tried an amazing combo with church shoes on the wrong feet, his camo thermals, pajamas shirt, and sister’s hat.  You gotta give an A for effort!

I got up and dressed to visit Jon’s parent’s for a special dinner.  My bro in law Dan made some unbelievably good potatoes, caramelized walnut salad, and fruit salad and Jon’s dad made some yummy roast.  My tummy was very happy and then we danced.

We danced to a new band called “Lower Lights” which has banjos, guitars, and lots of great musicians singing religious music.  I LOVED it.  I was actually just watching the kids dance until Handsome came up and said, 

“Momma, you dance with me?”

How do you resist that?  My son asking to dance with me.  He loves it when we all dance in the kitchen at our house and he wanted me to swing him around. 

 So we danced.

Jon took care of desert of course and brought jewelry for the ladies in the house.  Oh, I love that man.  Never ever ever stopping.  He is always giving and serving.  

Rooz showed up with Scotty and we hung out for a bit.  Before they left they visited the family store downstairs in the food storage.  After all they are newly weds and don’t have any money. I caught them leaving the house and had to record.  It reminded me of 15 years ago when we were doing the same thing!

Then Jon and I decided the night was over and we jumped into the car and drove home.  Threw the kids in bed after they brushed their teeth, and hid behind closed doors to unwind.  We have a favorite huge leather comfy lazy boy recliner in our room that we sit in side by side and watch TV in.  He looked over as we smished smashed in the chair under my favorite blankie and asked,

“So….how was your Mother’s Day?” kind of with a smirk on his face.

I said, “It was definitely a Mother’s Day,  typical Mother’s day.”

He smiled and rubbed my back because I needed to unwind from my relaxing Mother’s Day…I couldn’t sleep and in fact we stayed up SO late that we were hungry again, so we snuck out of the house in the rain, jumped into the jeep and drove down to Mc Donalds to get a yummy salad (and fries 🙂 for me and Taco Bell for him. I felt like a teenager again sneaking away from my responsibilities.  We came home and watched “Ax Men” and Jon informed me that he was sick of being “Boss” and was going to be an “Ax Man” We decided that he actually could talk like they did quite easily if he was left to his own devices.

“Um, OK honey…”

We chomped our food and my tummy was really happy.

The day ended happy.

The whole day was happy.

After all, I AM a mother, what other kind of day would I have?