Once upon a time

A long time ago

I was watching TV and saw this random chick being interviewed on some talk show.  She bugged me right from the start and I remember saying, “Paris Who?”  

and then she was talking about something she was ultra passionate about and said,

 “That’s so HOT!”  

Funny how I laughed at her way back then, but somehow the phrase stuck.









and now sick?  Is that even how you spell it in the urban dictionary sort of way?  I have to admit, there are some I have said “like” uber all of them!  It feels so awesome to be so cool that you can use every sentence in a rad way and feel like a bad A.  Some people just can’t pull it off as well as I can so…whatever.


Today I submit to you a new word.  One that will go down into history if we help it.  I have complete faith in this word combo and can’t even take the credit!  My off the hook cousin Ally came up with this wicked word at Disneyland.  

I love it more than nutella or chocolate covered raisins, and even sweet cream cookie dough ice cream {ok, maybe not quite that much} but for all intended purposes tonight, you get the idea.  Ally was talking about something to do with the barn she works at all the time and described the smell as…

drum roll please…


She said the words kind of spread out and very thought out as she replayed the aroma she smells every time at the barn, but my brain heard it together like SWEET NASTY and I said,

 “That is my new word.”

and I meant it, and now each time I see something bodacious or spectacular the word 

Sweet Nasty comes to my mind.  I am actually like still trying to figure out where the “sweet” part of the description of horse dung comes from but I am thinking she is like part cowgirl and she can’t help but enjoy the smell.

So there you have it

Sweet Nasty

and now I’m thinking that this description works for a lot of things like for one: Old People

They are sweet, and their smell can be nasty.

Have you ever wondered what sort of combo meshes together to come up with their smell?  I have.  I remember thinking about this for hours actually as a kid, and I am no closer to figuring it out as an adult.  Let me give it a shot:

Old Sweet Nasty perfume

rotten feet

stale (like one foot’s in the ground)

See’s Candy

burnt food from the stove

moth balls



cough drops


Maybe it’s just death approaching…?

But there is indeed a smell and Sweet Nasty works.  Someday I will smell this way, heaven help me.

One more usage to get you going with the word is for something like this:

Now THAT is Sweet Nasty!