I return from my trip with a head full of feelings.

Maybe it’s because I am coming off of a six month sprint of a new surprise child, a stressful wedding, a friends death, tension in business, and normal life.

maybe not

I had LOADS of fun catching up with the girls I grew up with.  We have all taken our journey through life on our own paths with our own goals and dreams, but somehow a bond forms when you spend formative years with someone.  Memories are always fun to recall, but it is more than that.  It’s something about knowing they get where you came from at the very start, before you became an “adult”.  

When we first got to Cali we visited Fashion Island and walked around…and soon we were off to Balboa for some fun on the beach and some great eats!

I tried to take a picture of my crooked glasses myself and only made it worse!

puuuuurrrrrrrfeeeeecccctttt dork face!

But nothing is as perfect as a true gut busting laugh, and that is what I caught next from Heidi.

The camera changed hands a few times so I would be in some pictures also

This is Nicole and Karen..aren’t they dolls?!

I danced with Karen on the drill team in high school.

I just had so write in the sand…but when Heather chased after me, the biggest wave of the day sloshed up onto the shore and drenched her!

I had to laugh…really, I had no choice

The sun set on our first day, and we meandered through the sand feeling it squish between our toes.  

Some of us decided to wash it off…I was more comfortable with it there.  It’s not often that I get to feel sand stuck in my toes.

And this was the end of our very perfect first day…but wait!

I insisted that we eat a frozen banana before we leave….


The next day we took off to Glen Ivy Spa, a very beautiful place…something from my dreams.

I looked over and my cousin Ally looked like a Native Honey model from the bags my cousin Mandy and I designed.

  I had to snap a picture!

There are about 10 pools spread out through the palm trees and lush flower gardens.  You feel somewhat secluded even though there are many *mostly* women there soaking up the sun.  They provide lots of floaties in the pool and they are used…bodies just basking

 in the sun everywhere.

My friend Heidi that now resides in ALASKA was soaking up the sun and saving some for later.  She looks like a Victoria’s Secret model here and she wasn’t even trying.

The spa really does an outsanding job of offering YUMMY fresh food of all types.

And the mud bath is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

After the mud bath we entered “the grotto” where they paint brush thick lotion all over your body and you get to sit in a sauna so your skin can soak it all up

They wouldn’t let us take pictures with the green goo on our skin, but I managed to sneek in a picture after it was all washed off.

After we were all finished up at the spa we were tired and wanted to veg.  We decided to get a quick eat on the way home at a Mexican Restaurant we found on the way.  When we first pulled up, Nicole and I had to Pee super bad so we ran into Taco Bell.  Unfortunatley the door to the bathroom was locked and I was having flash backs of all the times we laughed to hard we peed our pants together.  

Luckily we made it into the boys bathroom before that happened again.  There was a creepo standing by the mens bathroom that found it interesting how we were dressed..and how we were waiting for the boys bathroom…

“Heya…” he said

“Where have you been?”

{I am assuming he asked this because I was in a robe with a swimsuit underneath and high heels…ya, that’s all I had!  I explained our situation, but I dont think he was really listening to me.  

After, we decided we need to find some more clothes so we wouldn’t draw any more unwanted attention.  We finally made it into the restaurant and had some YUMMY guacomole they made right in front of us.

And so ended the second beautiful sunny California girl trip day!


Running through Disnyland with a bunch a girls is pretty near as perfect as you can get!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

We had to ask random people around the park to take our pictures if we all wanted to be in it.

I LOVE taking pictures on rides…as you will soon see!

I have to say that I laughed harder on our ride in Space Mountain than any other.  

Ally’s faces were KILLING me and I couldn’t even breathe as I took pictures behind my head of her face and then brought it up to look at them.  She didn’t even know she was being photographed which made it even better!

Seriously the hardest I have laughed in over a year.

{thanks Ally for letting me get cheap therapy at your expense}

And then she caught on to why I was laughing so hard

The scariest ride of the day…?


{I freaked out}

The longest wait of the day…?

California Screamin’

{90 minutes}

and finally…an actual ride!!

Do ya think she was a bit ready!?

After a very long day we went to the yummiest cave man dinner ever called “Hungry Bear”

It was a major BBQ place and it was a- maz- ing.

I am quite sure it was the quietest we were the entire trip as we gobbled that food down.  

Ally decided that she wanted to order desert…and ….just….look…at….it.

I still don’t understand the theory behind it but she was sure she would ingest less calories this way and she would enjoy a picture for much longer.

I messed this picture up on purpose to try and highlight the orbs above Ally’s head.  Call it dust, call ithumidity, call it whatever you please but in our family there are some that believe it to be a spirit.  We laugh and joke about it all the time when we find them in our pictures.  

{oh, and if you look close there is one on sleeping beauties head a few pictures back also}

But when I told Ally this she froze and I am still busting up at the picture I got of her next.  Poor Ally was my laughter for hours.

So we laughed and laughed some more…

My belly hasn’t had the good of a work out since Jillian kicked my butt!

Thanks girls for a great time and more great memories!