Several months back, I took a little random trip toMoabwith some exercise friends to go repelling!  It was great fun, especially since I was able to use our airplane timeshare deal to get down there that morning and return before the kids did from school.  

In our timeshare we own a part of three different small planes, and wheneverHubziegetsthe chance, he takes flying lessons *which isn’t very often right now*

Nick is our friend and pilot.

He is quite the character and neverdeliversa boring experience.  At one point he turned over controls to me above the vast red rock and let me know, “you are flying now…”


*insert whatever choice words you would like here*

He giggled andsmiledand relished any fear that shot out of my glaring eyes and made it into his soul.  I was mad, but laughing and loved the freedom of soaring above the clouds.  A vantage point not many get with the adrenaline to match.  I have always been the careful one with the flying.  I have heard too many scary stories, but I couldn’t resist the chance to take advantage of the plane when I heard of the repelling Moab trip.  All carefulness went out the airplane window.  I am just to

“fly by the seat of my pants” to pass this one up!

The sun was brilliant as it cast a bright pink and peach shade across the landscape.

When we arrived at the little airport, we had someone meet us there and drive us to the restaurant where all the other people that camped were.  Some thought it was a great idea to fly down that morning and others gave me some crazy weird looks.

There was a to die for dog in a car in the parking lot, and I had to take a picture forHubz.  After all, this is the dog we will be buying next!

After hiking through the red rock for about an hour, our group came to our firstrepel….wow….it was pretty crazy looking at how far down we would drop.  I couldn’t get too close to the edge here to give you an idea, but I thought my shadow was pretty great!

This is my friend *and previous trainer* MatGover. 

He is the one that owns the gym where I used to train.  He is a great guy and so much fun to be with.  He organizes outings once a quarter to bring the group closer together and to experience different outdoor experiences.  I actually knew him in college, and re-met him through Jon at a business networking meeting!  You should have seen his face when he introduced me and I let him know that I already knew him from my Anatomy class!

“SOOOO, he is the reason you were at lab so long…”

Funny guy.  

I was already dating Jon, but did meet a lot of great people in that class *not just the cadavers*.  I also met one of my very closest friends Kori there.  She later became myroommateand life friend.

This is one of the walls we came down.  It does not do it justice because one, I brought my crappy camera and two, it was A LOT higher than it looks!

This is Mat with his darling wife.  I love that they go out and enjoy experiences like this together!

There is no doubt about it, you seeMoabin a different way if yourepelthrough it instead of just walk through it.

This was the guy from 5 finger adventures that hosted the activity.  I wish I could remember his name, he was a great guy and so calm.  You would need to be this way to help everyone through this for the first time.

On our second repel we had to throw the rope over the first drop so we couldrepeloff of the bridge in the air.  It was so beautiful and I felt likeangelinaJolie on “mr. andmrs. smith” swaying through the breeze and kicking off the walls.  

and this is the bridge we repelled off…whoosh…nothing to express the rush I felt!

and this is what my brand new repelling gloves looked like after that decent.

*I dont’ think my fingers were supposed to touch but I was too freaked out to realize I was getting rope burn!

Me, a tad bit nervous

No, I didn’t stack the rocks, I found them this way.  I could barley take pictures as I was hiking because nobody was waiting!

This is my favorite thing about Utah…

Snow on the beautifulmajesticmountains and hotred rockin the same landscape.

And here comes Mr. Nick to pick us up…

Andrea and I feelin’ like a million bucks after a long adventurous day in the air, and traversing through one of the most beautiful places on earth!