My conversation 2 seconds ago:

“mommy, can I sleep with someone or somepting?”

“Why Bug?”

“Because I am afraid I will have night dreams…”

“you will be OK, just turn on the light in the bathroom…”

“Um, OK well there is this Jack dog and all of JC’s dogs died and it’s really sad and then Jack jus (they called him Jack) Jack he was like a walking around and he always liked me and cause I always went to his house…Jackers, that’s his dog name. An Jackers he always like me, Jackers loves me because he is a good dog and I love him too and he didn’t died.”

“Oh, do you miss your dog?”

“Yea, he is super cute and Phylis was a good dog and I love her so much and Evie was a stinker dog because evie always always always do something like everyday he did.  He like bites his toy but it wasn’t his toy.  Evie he bite the cat toy and yeaaaa.”

“K Bug, I love you! Goodnight.”

“K love you, Evie’s a stinkier dog…” as she runs out of the room.

10:30, high time for bed.  

She was knocked off schedule because of a late nap.  She fell asleep as we were talking to the case worker today, the AMAZING case worker Suzanne.






not one or two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight or nine or ten but 

ELEVEN {special needs} kids were adopted by Suzanne.  Can you imagine the kind of love, devotion, patience, and strength it would take to adopt 11 special needs kids that can’t find a home?

  I can’t even begin to comprehend.

She showed up today to do our post placement meeting.  She talked to all of the kids and interviewed them…oh how I love interviews that I don’t give, but get to watch.  You never know what the interviewer is going to ask and better yet, you NEVER know what your kids are going to say.  

Suzanne was obviously at our home today to make sure Handsome was comfortable and that it was a good fit for everyone.  She went through each child one by one and asked them questions.  My favorite *cringe* answer was Bug’s.

“So honey, do you go to school?”

“ummm, no”

“So do you stay home with your mommy?”

“Ummm yes, but they are always gone so people just watch me all the time.”

GULP…I bust out laughing.  What do I say to that?  I am here most of the time, but I guess in her little four year old brain I leave a lot, and “people” watch her.  

The rest of the kids answered their favorite books to read such as Harry Potter, Secret Garden, and others.  They talked about what they did in their free time and what they liked to do with our family.  It was pretty fun to sit back and see how grown up they sounded, how proud I was of them.  

We went through our history and the things Jon and I have been through together, including raising my niece for several years and my step daughter.  We talked about Handsome and how he may struggle when he gets into his teenage years and that there wasn’t any promises 

*but is there any promises with biological children either?* 


It’s a crap shoot either way. 

 All you can do is your best each day and hope you don’t screw up your kids too bad as you practice being a parent.  After all, we have never done this before.  We are learning on our kids.  It’s no wonder we all grow up and have issues to deal with that our parents caused, and the cycle goes on.  You know I am being a kidding girl right now in ways, and in other ways not.

Luckily after talking with us for 2 hours she decided we could handle Handsome and even mentioned that if she needed a home for another child, that she would call us. 

 I laughed, and Jon said, 

“Yea, Handsome needs a brother.”

I about choked.  

Jon is ready to start having children about the time I thought we would be all done.  He attributes this to having his first so young.  He finally feels like he is ready to start.  Sorry bub, this uterus is all dried up.  Ain’t no other babies coming out of this over stretched belly!  Now if he can figure a way to pop one out of his, he can go for it.  I’m all supportive and stuff for him.  Actually it may be hilarious seeing Jon pregnant.  He eats enough ice cream now to feed a full army.  

Once a few months ago I answered the front door to see a Shwans man standing there.  I used to like the Shwans men that came by but now I just wonder what monstrosities they are dropping off that Jon ordered.

“That will be $189.00 mam.” he said sheepishly

“OK {as I get out my checkbook} for what?”

“Ice cream.”

“Ice cream and what?”


“Just ice cream.”

And he was right.  He proceeded to load my deep freeze full of ice cream.  Yes, Jon could be pregnant and nobody would know by his eating habits.  A prego can also be moody…check.  Yes, Jon could have our last baby quite nicely and I would feed him and take care of him and even rub his legs when they were sore.  And when the time came for him to push, I would cheer because I was done pushing and he was the one on the table sweating and swearing instead of me.  And when they told him that he would have to wear depends because he pushed so hard for four hours because the baby was posterior and stuck that he pushed his bladder inside out, well I would buy the depends for him, and hold his hand so nicely that his bladder would mend quickly and maybe, just maybe he would want another in a few years and I would be fine with that, because I would just have fun creating this little life with him and then gain my 10 sympathy pounds and complain about them instead of the regular 50.  

Yes, Jon can have our next son.

I’ll tell him tomorrow during our morning shower/meeting and before he drives up to SLC to be on channel 5 news {studio 5} sometime between 11-12 for a 10 minute segment on Diamonds by Donna Diamonds for earth day, unless he talks Donna into doing it, and then he can just watch her do the interview with me.  Maybe that would be a good time to tell him he is going to get knocked up.

What do you think?

Is your hubby a whiner baby when he is sick?  Would he have the baby if he could?  

Hmmm, food for thought.