My sweet friend made me this scarf…it just showed up in the mail out of the blue!  Now THAT’S the kind of mail I like to find, none of that crazy bill stuff.

To make it even better…?  She said the colors reminded her of me and whenever anyone ever says that don’t you just think, “Why, I wonder what part jolts their memory when they saw the colors…?” Like the time a few weeks ago when Mack told me that the horse on

 “Charlotte’s Web” reminded her of me…~

“Um, excuse me?  What’s THAT supposed to mean?” I asked

“Well, not SO much how you look, but more how you act.”

Well alrighty.

When I opened up the scarf there were other goodies inside.  Jamie had made me some hand made cards *that are so beautiful*, a sweet letter, and a fantastic wooden box.  In the letter she said,

“This yarn came from Turkey”.

All of my girls were sitting around and groaned..”oooooooooooooo yuck!”

{I about died laughing and let them know it was also a place}


It is countdown time to my 2nd annual girls trip to Disneyland and a day at Glen Ivy Hot  Springs!! I can barely focus on a darn thing.  After 17 years post high school, I am ready for a heavy dose of good ol’ laughter from my home girls!

Disneyland, with Mickey, Donald, Minni, oooo and that pirate guy, what’s his name?  Johnny, you know the one. Princesses, long lines to supply ample time to people watch *oh yes I love to people watch*, not in the mean way, but the way where you say:

“That man came from Russia to find his long lost lover and ended up staying here in the US with a job he hates and a ton of kids”

kind of people watch.  

It all started in the airport on the way to New York when my family growing up was flying to pick up my brother from an LDS mission.  We were bored and started making up stories about the people walking by depending on their clothes, facial expression, speed, etc.

I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time, because you could really see what the other person described.  Call it cheap fun.  


I think I have 2 weeks…2 WEEKS!!!


Mack provides me with several funny stories, all the time.  

I am always hesitant to write them on my blog because I don’t wan to embarrass her *or her class mates* that they happen to be about.  The other day she asked me why I don’t talk a lot about her and I explained my predicament!  

“You are of the age that you just might KILL me if I share the wrong thing…so I don’t dare try!”

So she gave me the go ahead on a few winners!

Mack has been dancing ballroom in high school and loving it, other than the fact that every time the boy dips her and tries to pick her back up, he passes gas….ok that isn’t a strong enough word…he FARTS!  How do you feel remotely romantic if your dude man dancing partner is so week and pathetic that it takes every ounce of gusto to heave you….that he looses all control of his bodily functions?!

Not very romantic in my book

Not to mention his LONG fingernails that always dig into her as she spins…come on boys, enough texting and not enough personal bodily hygiene control.

Have I ever told you that Mack can MAKE herself cry?  Oh yes, not just tear up but actually cry when she wants something?  It doesn’t have the slightest bit of effect on me because she has done it since early childhood, but this girl needs to be in acting.  

I don’t know why, but this reminds me of a story when she was about six years old:

We visited our local “Deseret Book” store *religious materials* and enjoyed walking around and seeing a bunch of fun stuff they had for kids.  When we got home I found Mack hiding in her bed and asked what she was doing…

“Mack, what are you doing?”


“Well than let me see what is in your hands.”

She pulled out a CTR ring with flowers on the side.  Now for those of you that aren’t LDS, this is a ring that symbolizes CHOOSE THE RIGHT, and my daughter had stole that ring!  What do you do with your daughter when she is so oblivious that she STEALS the one thing that is supposed to remind her to be good?  

I say you are pretty much out of luck as a parent.  To tell you the truth, this kid literally did things like this all the time.  There was the time she POOPED outside at Grandma’s because she was “too busy” to come in, and I’m not talking 2 years old…she was like EIGHT!!  

{at least she used toilet paper}

Oh, and not once or twice, but ALL the time behind the shed at our house where the dog pooped.

And does a 7 year old sneak clothes in their backpack to school?  Isn’t that a high school thing?  Well not Mack.  She would sneak out and change into a skirt because I didn’t want her riding her bike with a skirt because I was afraid it would be caught in the spokes. 

*Mack, are you glad I am talking about you now?*

{should I keep going?}

Basically Mack is my Junie B Jones, or my Romona Quimby.  There has never been a dull moment raising her…but we will save some stories for later.  Funny thing is, now she is my easiest kid!! She is almost 15 and has been fun to be around and pretty mellow *in the Mack sense of the word* since she was 12.


One more tid bit, before I’m off for another day of Spring break with the kids.  They are nearly about to wake up and it won’t be quiet anymore…I am actually typing in my closet, yes closet.  It is in my room and oh so quiet.

I went shopping with hubby personal shopper man a few days ago!  You know how hubsters don’t like to shop normally?  Well, neither did Johnny boy for years, but now all this girlness in the house has rubbed off of him.  

We drove up to the Park City Outlets and hand one hour to splurge.  He ran in and out of the dressing room bringing me different colors, sizes, and outfits to try on.  Wow….I couldn’t believe he was actually enjoying it.  

{Possibly because he was able to watch…}

Husbands are sneaky like that.

“Oh, don’t worry about me…I love to go shopping …. now here try THIS one on!”

And bless his heart, he did an amazing job.  I spent more because he was in charge and I didn’t have the guilt problem going on….he HAD to have me get some of the stuff…and can I tease for just a minute?  He LOVES polo.  He has worn their shorts and dress shirts for about 20 years.  One of his FAVORITE things for me to wear is the Polo t-shirt dresses.  He thinks they are “ooooo to die for”  

Of course he brought me in a bright yellow one to try on, and we had no other choice but to buy it.  I feel like I am wearing PJ’s but they are comfortable in the summer.  Whatever makes him happy, he was quite the sport.  I made sure he would let me wear it with my converse shoes, and when he said “ok” I was up for anything.  

I made out of there with bags from the Banana Republic store, Gap, and Polo in ONEhour.  

Love yahubzieman with a big heart for driving me through the snowy canyons just to spoil me!


OH OH, and before I go….we didn’t go somewhere warm for Spring Break, so we took the kids to the Provo Beach last night *an indoor man made wave* to go boogie boarding and surfing on!! SO stinking fun, but I wasn’t any good flying up that ramp and shooting off the back as I did so well.

We laughed and laughed and laughed some more!

Stay tuned for pictures! I only had time from one of me to titillate your appetite!