Once upon a time, there was a family that decided to visit their cabin for Spring break.  Others thought them strange for not finding a more inviting warm hearted climate, but they didn’t care.  After packing and packing and packing, and driving and driving and driving…

they finally arrived to their destination.  

They were quite shocked to find at least four feet of snow piled in their driveway, so they decided to park in their parents instead.  Some would think this to be a quick easy decision, and the decision itself wasn’t so bad, but the slippery unforgiving slushyun-cooperating snow


They huffed and they puffed and they tried to dig out that car, but it wasn’t a budgin’.  So they decided to give up for the time being and have a bit of asnow fightinstead.

When what to mama’s wondering eyes did appear…

why, two kiddos gettin’ along, she thought her eyes weren’t that clear…

so she snapped a shot to go down in time, 

this is something worth recording, A MIRACLE divine!!

Two little spunky, restless boys found some snow to throw to get their frustrations and energy out.  

And uncle Dan, oh Uncle Dan bugged and bugged that little Bug, until she had had enough and pulled that girl stuff with her head turned aside, and her eyes open wide.

And the car…well it sat, and sat, and sat.

and so did Bug, as a matter of fact.

Eventually it was the next day or so, and the family snuggled up for the winter and told

stories of times long gone by, and sang “OldMcDonald”

Once or Twice, or Three times.

And the clothes…??

Well they sat by the fire a warmin’, cause outside it was howlin’ and blowin’ and a stormin’.

The family all loved each other, it’s true they did.  Sometimes they were annoyed and through snowballs in each others faces…but most of the time, well they got along. 

Hot chocolate


corn bread 





and more

Every once in a while…we found someone acting weird

like aunt Tiffy and her hair, that looked…well…like…a beard.

Wiiwas something they liked to do, or watch Tangled, or The Amazing race.

For when they were snowed in, there wasn’t much else to do!

One of them was feelin’ a littlesmurfy…

blue andsmurfy

And when it warmed up a bit…they all ventured out, to sleigh ride and run and play about.

And every once in a while, a four wheeler came out…

 the sun shone and it was all fancy and fun, shiny, sparkly and spectacular about, 

glistening across the snow.

And thenNoocame out..sun shining as bright as the sun with her warm hearted heart,

and big sister fun.

Monkey chased the sleigh up and down that hill, over and over again.

She slept well at night also, while mama was up with the little man.

and the kids, well they were happy

 to kick it on the back of daddy bearsfour wheelee.

Too bad the family had already put away the snowmobiles earlier that year

it stopped snowing, and then it startedagain, at least there weren’t bears!

{Those helmets sometimes get stuck in all that hair}

AndNoowas a darling model most of the trip.  She just can’t help it with all of her cuteness!

And midway through the trip well…the family had visitors, visitors of the best kind!

TheSnarrsventuredover from their home town, just a hop skip and a jump away…

and joined the family in some good ol’ fun.

And this little man *baby bear* has grown so much, it is unbelievable.

and the kids loved spending time watching Grandpa and daddy plow all that snow off of the driveway with a tractor and a bobcat.

and mama, she was tired, from lack of sleep…

and vowed not to do this again until at least next week.

and sometimes…just sometimes,

the boogies escaped and procured something from “Dumb and Dumber” 

For goodness sake!

Yes, that’s how cold it was, but the family didn’t mind.  After all…we made more memories, played more games, ate good food and jumped into a car that was dead.

Isn’t that how “vacations” go?

They can’t run too smoothly.

And the family 

well that family lived happily ever after, and after and after.

The end.