I am lounging in our cabin near Jackson Hole Wyoming, under a sky of falling snow on Spring Break.

French toast has been all made and served up, cabin cleaned, and the kids are frolicking in the snow. Five feet of powder is currently being plowed out of our driveways by hubster and grandpa in the tractors. They may call this work, I call it big boy toys.

I am off to play but had a quick, unbelievable letter to share for Handsome’s birth mommy. I hear there is another to come, but this gives a bit to digest for today:

Jordan my Love,

I want to tell you something, well I hope that you love me no matter what. I will always love you no matter what. I want you to know that I placed you with this family that you are with right now. I love you with all my heart, and that you mean lots to me. I placed you because I had some trouble with your daddy. When you are older I will explain it better to you, but this family has done so good with you that I am amazed. I miss you very much more then you will ever know, but you deserved better, a home and a family that will take better care of you I also want to tell you that when you were here in mommy’s tummy you were in there with a sister I know in my heart she looked just like you and that is a cutie. I know that she would of been a good kid just like you. I lost her during the duration of my pregnancy but the important thing is that I did not loose you!!!!! I love you both with all of my heart. I named her Jessica Lynn ………….but we will have to talk later about those things when you are older and you understand better. I love you Jordan no matter what I hope that you work hard for what you want out of life never give up!!!!! Always be a fighter!!!!!!!

Love your mamma

SEE!!! I about died, and now our family tells Handsome there is a guardian angel sweetheart with big brown eyes and a huge smile watching over him…

Have a beautiful day!

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