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A while back, Jon and I drove to Idaho to attend the Snarr’s sealing to their newly adopted baby.  If you remember from before, this is the couple that led us to Handsome in the first place.  The girl they adopted their baby from was friends with Handsome’s mom.  At first she asked the Snarrs if they wanted to adopt both of the boys, but they were worried about it being too much for obvious reasons.  

Jared remembered that I had mentioned to him (and only him) that if he came across a one or two year old little boy that needed a home I would take him.  It is still unbelievable to me that I chose to tell one person about my desire after I said my prayer asking for a son, and he was the person that brought him to me.  

The two mothers were excited about the thought of their sons growing up knowing each other.  We knew we had to take a picture of them together.  

The trip to Idaho was so fun, but fast.  Only Handsome came with us because it was too much to load the whole fam damily. When we arrived that night it was snowing, the perfect kind of snow that falls slow and floats through the air.  We decided we were hungry, so we went to Jared and Alicia’s favorite restaurant “Snake Bite” and if you know Jared, this is OH SO FITTING.  Just the way he ways it with his scrunched up nose and squinted eyes embody his sense of humor and love for the strange.

{I found this picture on my phone}

It cracks me up because we were both sacrificing our poor sons to get our 

mouths around those A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. hamburgers.

It was such an amazing experience to see their little family sealed to each other

for time…and all eternity.  I can’t wait to take Handsome to the temple with us!  I think I 

want to go to the Salt Lake temple.  I was sealed in the Bountiful temple because that is 

where I grew up, but the Salt Lake temple is very historic and beautiful also.

While we were there, I had the opportunity to meet some of the people that read my blog!

It was so fun because it kind of made it real for me…people actually read what I type.

They had heard about Pink Moss from the adoption linked to the Snarrs and were calling

me the “Pink Moss Lady”.  I thought is was really cute, and everyone was so nice!

 I have known Jared for as long as I have known Jon. He was the first friend of his I met 

when we went boating.  He and Jon were fun to watch together, giving each other a hard

 time as best guy friends do.  Jared went with us to the sand dunes on quad racers, boating,

 to Lake Powell, and lots of other random places but the funniest part about Jared is that for

 years Jon tried to talk him into hunting birds with him and Jared wasn’t interested.  Not only

 was he not interested, but he teased Jon for liking the sport so much.  After they were both

 married, and long after Jon stopped hunting, Jared became obsessed.

It is his favorite thing and has special dogs, enters competitions, and loves it!

One of my favorite memories with Jared is when we were at Lake Powell with some of our

 other friends and family.  Everyone was sitting in the back of the boat while Jared drove it

 and I sat in thepassenger side seat *in control of the radio of course*

We were eating Jolly Ranchers and I’m not quite sure how it happened first but one of us 

realized (probably Jared) with all the wind blowing in our faces and our spit glands working 

over time, the combination was hilarious and potentially dangerous.  

We started turning our heads slightly to the side with our mouths open and let our spit fling 

out into the chaotic wind, and hit all of the innocent bystanders.  They just kept wiping their 

faces, believing it was drips from the water splashing up, as Jared and I laughed so hard

 our stomachs hurt. 

There are only a few times in life you laugh THAT hard, and this was one of them.  It kept 

going and going…it was just to entertaining.

Jared also got a kick out of saying things like, “I’ll eat this rock if you give me 20 bucks!”

Once Jon and I dared him to eat a beetle.  He took the dare, popped it into his mouth, chewed 

twice and swallowed. It was completely nasty but we all got a kick out of it.  I think that was 

one of the times it actually made him sick. Now he is an anesthesiologist and sees crazy 

things get stuck that people eat all of the time. 

 The last one he told me about still makes my stomach turn!

His wife Alicia is an angel on this earth…no joke.  She is the most calm, loving, giving, patient

 beautiful girl ever.  I am dang glad, because I remember a few girls Jared dated that I couldn’t

 handle, and I wanted to like whoever he ended up with so we could all hang out!  Alicia is a

 great beautician but now uses all of her energies to chase around her two boys.  She always 

builds up other people and I have NEVER heard her say a bad thing about anyone…ever.  

They held the get together at a club house…and the boys had a hard

time not ripping off their clothes and jumping in!

This is Jared’s dad and I love him, nuff said!

These boys will have fun meeting up with each other as they grow. 

 Maybe someday they will all go hunting together…in fact I am sure they will!