Wordless Wednesday

{Aren’t you glad you don’t have to hear me today?  It’s about time I fixed my hard drive so I can add pictures again!! Yahoo…!! This is my niece Jayne’s blessing and my nephew Jackson’s Birthday}

(I put more pictures than I normally would so Camille could pick what she wanted for her blog)

We were all blown away by Camille’s cake making skills seeing as my mom could never make a tall cake that didn’t slide, and I buy mine at Maglebys.

And THIS is who was climbing all over me while I was trying to take the pictures…

See how Bug took revenge on his face?!

And finally, our quick attempt at a family photo with a million things going on…

Happy Birthday Jackson, and baby Jayne…you are the sweetest thing ever!  My aunt Pat made this blessing dress…unbelievable talent!

Camille, thanks for the great day filled with yummy food, fun family, and memories!