So here is a story probably most entertaining to my Mormon friends…

I attended a gala last week and the Hinckley building  for the “Pillar of the Valley” award.  It is the first time the Chamber of Commerce has awarded this to someone living in Utah county.  It is to acknowledge someone in the community that has brought in business to the community, donated to the community, and is a great example to business leaders in the area.  

We were invited by Mary Crafts, an amazing lady that owns and operates “Culinary Crafts” a catering company in the area.  She is a funny lady with loads of energy.  She was president elect of Women in Philanthropy that I am a part of and is always lending service to those around her.  Jon and I felt honored that she sat us at her table and let us join her.  

When we arrived we walked up to the desk to check in and they let us know that we were to attend the “Receiving room” whatever that is…?  I am assuming it’s for family and leaders in the community, because that is who was there.  She had scrumptious horderves and I didn’t realize until later there were cameras and body guards all around me.  Somehow Jon and I were kind of wedged against the wall where people were entering the room and because we were basically nobody’s, we were tying to stay out of the main commotion and way of the flashing cameras.  Unfortunately, it would have been more awkward to try and move out of the way, so I started introducing myself to people. The pictures would have looked weird if I were sliding down the wall with the Governor of Utah in front of me shaking someones hand…

As people were walking in, I was placed just so…that they were looking to me as if I were greeting them, so I did.  “Hi my name is…” I would say as they walked past me.  Jon and I kept looking at each other and looking for an escape route but it wasn’t happening.  Another couple came in and I glanced up and thought I recognized the woman. I held out my hand and shook her husbands hand and said, “Hi I am Janae Moss, what is your name?”

He responded

“My name is Russell Ballard”

{OK, I know this means nothing to someone who isn’t Mormon, but in my church he is one of the 12 apostles.  One of the guys that speaks on the TV ALL the time, and one that probably all my kids to name.}

Jon was dying laughing and was whispering something I didnt’ understand…later to hear it was {APOSTLE!!}

Oh well, it made for a good laugh and Russell Ballard walked off with a chuckle.  I am sure he will be speaking for General Conference tomorrow and the next day and

 I won’t forget his face again.


We went to the UV50 awards ceremony last night and had a great time once again eating Mary Crafts catered dinner and hearing all of the businesses that have grown the past year and the up and coming new businesses.

One of them that stood up to me was orabrush.  It was founded by a man in my community and he was having a hard time getting it going.  Finally he decided to take the idea to a local college and ask them their ideas.  A team of students decided to use Youtube to kick off their product as you will see below…

He became wildly successful quickly and I couldn’t be happier for them!  They were there to accept the award last night and they were just as funny off Youtube as they were on.  

Check it out!

And here is their first commercial

I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to brush my tongue!!

Oh, and on another note, the guy that won the “Pillar of the Valley” award {Blake Roney} that developed Nu Skin also won largest grossing company in our community with 1.5 billion in annual revenue….phew, now that is pressure and the guy is amazing.  He has a great sense of humor, family values, and very appreciative and non assuming.  Even though the gala was in his honor, he walked around introducing himself to everyone.

Now that’s what I call a great guy!

I also made sure I met his wife and talked to her for a bit.  I told her that I knew the weight she was carrying at home with I think 8 kids!!

She was very gracious and sweet


Now, do you remember my weight loss goals?  I have done..well..OK.

Because it is April 1st.  I figure it is time to refocus.  Instead of planning 90 days, lets plan 30.  I will share on Fridays how the week has gone.  

I have been focusing on exercising 5 days a week and eating healthy.  I can see some change but need to push it a little harder.  I haven’t been strict enough with all of these great food parities I have been attending.  Tonight I go to the Jazz suite to see the Lakers vrs. Jazz.  They have great food there too….ugg

But feeling good in the summer always feels better than any food tastes!!

Have a great weekend and have a Happy April Fools day!

I think I will make something fun for dinner tonight to trick all the kids…maybe all I need to do is MAKE dinner and that will be trick enough!!