Top Ten Things I have learned lately…

1. After spelling weird wrong for 30 years, I realized (we) starts the word and that makes total sense to my brain.

2. Never EVER drink water sitting by hubbies side of the bed, it may just be his spit out grotesque gargled salt water from his messed up teeth.

3. I am kind of perplexed how I can love horse radish so much, and not understand where and how it comes about.

4. Fisher-Price toy packages are harder to break into than my house.

5. Sometimes nasty gas stations bathrooms are just what you need when you have had five children and too much to drink.

6. Kids pick up more than you know… After reading a book with Monkey one night she said, “Mom, I am always nice to you.  I have never in my life said something mean.” I said, “I know and that is why I love you!”  then she said…”Unless I’m really mad, then I just say it in my head…like you know when you’re mad at dad?…”uuuhhh ya..” “Like that….”

7. If I were 14 again,  would have “Beiber Fever” too!

8. Plain White T’s new album rocks the house.

9. Sometimes blond jokes get old, even degrading at times and I have to wonder what in the world a shade of hair has to do with personality, and then I do something like test the warmth of a frying pan with my hand and it doesn’t matter anymore.

10.  If you and your hubzy wear twin snuggies and you go to Mc Donalds in them and you are asked if they are snuggies…”you” are pretty awesome 

So tonight Jon and RBM are being recognized for being one of the fastest growing businesses in the UV50 magazine for the third year in a row!  Thanks to our team at RBM for making this happen, and thanks to Jon for juggling all he does every day.  It isn’t easy to balance so many businesses but somehow he pulls it off.

{it isn’t always pretty}

So guess what?!

I am finally backing up all 105 GB of pictures clogging up my computer.  I will finally be able to download the past few months of happenings and share them with you, cause I know you would just die without that! 

So lately I have been thinking that there are so many funny things about his blogging world!  One funny thing are the blogs I go to because I think the mommies look so put together and fun and their parties are well, to die for and their houses are decorated to the max and get all excited when I see all of their crafty ideas and their foodie masterpieces and perfect outfits  and dressed up kids on all their vacations and fabulousness and I think…

Why can’t I do all those things?  

I mean, I cook spaghetti perty dang great and I even manage to get dressed once a week and what is my blog about?  It kinda reminds me of Seinfeld…it’s about nothing and everything at the same time.

And then I realize after I visit these blogs I sometimes want to barf.  

Maybe it’s because I feel less somehow…or not good enough…or like I don’t have enough and I know this isn’t why people blog, but it can turn into that….actually sure I have done it without even meaning to.  That’s why I died laughing today when I visited a blog that my sister in law referred me to…I have been laughing at her all day because she well, is funny and quirky and sarcastic and pretty perfect.  Unfortunately it looks at though she has just stopped her blog for whatever reason…

and that got me thinking, at some point that may happen to me, I may just run out of blogging steam and come to a sputtered halt.  Blogging is weird that way, it isn’t a book you read from beginning to end but a continuation…and how long can I continue? 

 I’m not quite sure.

Either way, I am so happy I got all my sad stories out of me so I can move onto more frivolous posting options for a bit like how I just bought seven pairs of big star converse for my whole lot of family at Target the other night!

Just love that Chuck Taylor Guy!