Some bunnies around here are starting to get spring fever!

I love this time of year when everything starts to come back to life, and the air begins to warm just a bit.  I love when the breeze is still crisp and fresh and the buds come out on this tree in front of my house.  This picture is from a few years back, but it will soon happen!

I also am ready for a fresh start, a new beginning.

Our family has been through a long intense winter with Handsome coming and all of the changes, the wedding, a good friends funeral, stresses from work, and more.  It has been a good six months of pressure, that has brought about change.  I feel ready to have less sickness in our home and to be outdoors playing with my kids.  

I long for snow cones*swimming*riding bikes*water fights* boating* no homework* reading together on the hammock*going for hikes in the trees*picnics by a stream*and throwing the windows open to let the warm summer breeze through the house.

Today is also a special day because my family is all fasting for my nephew Carter.  

He is my brothers son that has battled a weak heart since his birth.  He has once again been in the hospital for weeks after contracting RSV.  He has had liquid continue to fill his little body and the doctors are at a loss.  We are praying for his recovery…he is such a strong little guy and has overcome so much all ready.  My brother and sister in law take turns sleeping by his side each night and then my brother goes to work each day and Amy watches over her little baby girl.  I don’t know how they have managed so long.  They are both an example to me of faith and patience.  

They both have smiles on their faces and a positive attitude always.  

They are amazing parents and I admire all they do.

{any and all prayers are welcome in their behalf}

I found these pictures of Easter Sunday in 2009 today.  

I can’t believe how much the girls have grown in that short period of time.  

See what I mean!?

I also can’t believe the the LDS general conference is coming up THIS weekend!! I am so excited and LOVE snuggling up with my family and listening to church in my PJ’s.  There some awesome messages that we try to incorporate as a family especially for the next six months until conference rolls around again.  It is on Saturday from 10 to 2 and the same times on Sunday.

We always get Magleby’s cake and some yummy fruit to eat.  We also love getting lots of different crafts to do as we listen.  The little kids color a lot, make jewelry, hair bows etc.  

It was six months ago during the Fall 2010 general conference that I was waiting to see if Handsome would be coming to live with us!! I CAN’T believe that.  It just plain baffles me…. We heard about him on Thursday night, contemplated on Friday, gave them the go on Friday night ….and I listened to conference and sweat the remainder of the weekend until we met him on Sunday night.  I remember taking notes in my journal searching for any answer I could get from the messages being shared.  I also remember when my patriarchal  blessing fell out and the sentence that jumped out to me.

“You have been blessed with children, and others will be coming to your home.”

{He was coming a few hours after this fell into my lap}

Now Mack will be getter her special blessing soon.  Her interview is on Wednesday night to talk about a date.  I am so proud of her and I can’t believe she has grown into such a beautiful young lady that is ready for her blessing already.  She is such a blessing in my life and always helps with the kids and asks how I am doing, not a normal way for a teenager to act.  

*such a blessing*

And now for some greatly exciting things!

Do you remember my friend Barbara that started the foundation “Help Me Grow”?  There is a link on the right side of my blog, because it is awesome!  Jon and I have always supported her where we could and she has done such an amazing job getting the program going that she has recently been noticed more and more by the state of Utah.  

This is a GREAT thing and we are hoping for another year of great growth in her program!  

She is holding an event for families coming up the end of April that you will want to be to!

Here is the information:

Help Me Grow Blog

And to register CLICK HERE

Comment here with your name and address on my blog when you register and I will send the first 10 people a free book to read with your kids!  I plan on having some other give-a-ways over the next few weeks to get people registered early!

The very minimal price is more than worth all of the information you will gain and the fun your kids will have!  Learning can be fun!!