Last week my sister Camille and I went to visit Thanksgiving Point with the kids.  We have all suffered from cabin fever the past several months having been sick and freezing in all of the snow.  It was time to get out!  Camille had baby Jayne on New Years Eve, hence her name Jayne *after my Grandma*, Eve.  She is a doll and I just wanted to squeeze her all over!

Jackson, Bug, and Handsome ran around ooooing and ahhhing at all of the dinosaur bones.  They were in heaven!  I always have this random thought when I am looking at things like this….

{Just imagine all of these skeletons came to life all of a sudden and started tromping around the room, kind of like “Night at the Museum”}  Do you think the kids would love dinosaurs just as much? 

I don’t think so

But because they are dead and made pretty by fun colors and cartoons, they love them.  I guess that goes for anything…I’m not much into bugs but “A Bug’s Life” is pretty dang cute!


We had fun and it was GREAT to see my sister and her darling kids!  I am so excited for summer to roll around.  It makes it so much easier to get the kids outside and romp in the summer sun!