I wake up, get the kids dressed – fed – bathed – and driven to school.  I return home with 15 minutes to talk to Jon as he gets ready for the day…and feel sorry for his poor poor mouth.  {He had two teeth ripped out a few days ago and it hasn’t been pretty} Then I start getting the twoLittle’sleft at home and myself…oh ya, myself.  It’s hard to get to “myself” sometimes.

Soon enough I am ready and I pray with Jon before he leaves for work and I start picking up the morning bomb.  I am almost late, but not quite.  I glance at the clock to assure I have time to get a drink of water before I rush out the door to my friends house *Sara* that I visit teach.  I am so happy I have an excuse to “have” to see her and I reach down to grab the ice cold water bottle by Jon’s side of the bed.  

Water…nothing like it.

But this time there was something like it….SALT.  That’s right, Iguzzleddown his salt water he had beengarglingfor his sore mouth full of stitches.  I spit faster than I could even think all over the night stand and followed that up with drool oozing out all over the carpet.  


I muttered under my breath as I tried to hold my food down that I hadn’t eaten yet.  I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth…no matter what.  I was in a hurry and called Jon as I walked out the door.  



“Guess what I just drank…”


“Your salty water in the bottle.”

“laughter on the other end of the phone”…actual laughter that I haven’t heard from him in a few days.

“You are laughing? Well of course you are.”

“Do you know what is really funny?”


“That was the salt water I had spit out!”

And so my day began.

I thanked him for his support and he said, “Don’t worry, it will be funny to blog about!” as if I was even considering this at the time.  

I drive off and reach my friends house lucky enough that she had mouth wash for me.  We visited and enjoyed talking for a minute of more than kid talk.  Sara is an amazing girl and I am so happy I haven gotten the chance to know her.  She is nice, but she scares me…that’s right I am going to spin class with her at 5:25 AM.  That’s right, she does that EVERYDAY and follows it up with a pump class.  I love and hate the girl at the same time for inviting me to join her.

There is no doubt I will be walking like a cowboy for the next several weeks.  Come to think of it, it will be perfect timing for our “black tie” event tomorrow night to pay respects to BlakeRonie, the owner of Nu Skin.  It’s an award given by the chamber of commerce.  Yes, it should be a sight watching me walk in heels like a cowboy, unable to sit on my hind end.

Good news?

I found a darling evening gown for a decent price today.  It is midnight blue by AdrianPappelland I love it.  It is comfortable but has great shape.  Maybe I could snap a few pictures…that you will probably never see *the way I’ve been lately with editing pictures!*

After I visited Sara I drove to getNoofrom school and checked her out for lunch.  We ran and bought some cute gym clothes for her and a quick subway sandwich…quick back to school and jumped on the freeway just in time to be 15 minutes late to my other kids school.  I went to help with some clay oil lamps they made in art class.  Sprite was thrilled to see me and I was reminded once again why I love to help out at the kids school when I get a chance.

This was the note I found on her door today.  I have no idea what it means other than I know the girls in her class are the “Llamas” and the boys are “Bulls”.

And this is how the two Little’s look every day on the way to pick up the kids from school.

And outside jumping on the trampoline…

Ya gotta love the phone for easy fast access for pictures.  This was a date Jon and I had for his birthday a few weeks back.  We went to Salt Lake, walked around

 and ate at the Melting Pot.

and a few days ago we went to the dentist.  

Even the dentist is unsafe with my camera phone around.

Monkey helping with Bug

And it was time for Handsome’s first “Happy checkup”

They don’t really do anything invasive, but let them ride in the chair at this age so he won’t be scared when he gets older.

They let them wear glasses for fun because the light is bright.

He actually only cried when they tried to get him OUT of the chair!

Oh and a few days ago Rooz brought over her first doggy.  I knew it wouldn’t take long after the wedding, she has waited her whole life for this moment!

and did I ever show you this?  I am not sure…it was from Sprite’s soccer tournament a while back, the one with pouring rain in Saint George.

And this is the last image I saw of the kids tonight before they fell asleep.  Monkey always has to read at night and Handsome won’t miss it for anything.  He often falls asleep listening.

And with that, it is a goodnight for me.  I need to sleep fast before 5 rolls around!