Yes Yes, It’s true.

I am chopping my hair today.

I have had extensions in and out of my hair for 10 years!   I usually put them in around the fall time and take them out in the spring.  It is too much to have them in during summer with swimming, sweating, and summer fun.  

I am ready for a new fun cut and style and so…I am.  I know that die hard long hair people will say, “NOOOOOO” but I need a change.  So here are a few pictures of some ideas I have.  

Feel free to vote, but by the time you do, it will already be done 🙂

And who knows, maybe I’ll come back with something totally different.  

Do you have any thoughts?  I will be coloring my hair first, so if there is an idea you have or something you think would look good, let me know!

Have you ever had a bad hair cutting experience?

Please share!