I’m just laying here at the Florida airport with people rushing to and fro… and me waiting to fly home. we’ve been here now for 8 hours and so far have met a nice couple wanting to start a business (so we advised them for several hours), ate breakfast, lunch, and soon dinner. We tried to push our flight earlier but they were all full.

iblogger is on my phone and I thought I should give it a whirl! jon and I had a fabulous break and are ready to jump back into the rat races. we called home once to check on the kids, which were all excited to hear from us. Handsome was super happy and we could hear him talking fast, decoding about half of his words.. until I said the wrong words

“Mommy will be home soon honey!”

And that was it. he was hollerin’ and wailing until grandma and grandpa distracted him. I felt bad because I have done everything in my power to convince him that I will always be there. it was still important for mom and dad to have a break, so we did.

the Bahamas were beautiful, complete with turquoise waters, bright flowers, sun in my face, and a calm breeze to relax the body.

I will give a much greater description when I am on my computer, but for now that will have to do.

I am grateful to have had a chance to reconnect with Jon and have a few days to ourselves. I’ll be home soon… miss you kids!!!

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