It’s hard focusing around here these parts today.

I am Eastern Caribbean bound late Wednesday night and I think my mind already flew to Florida before my body could get onto the plane.  I remember thinking March was an ugly time of the year to be married…because it is.  The snow is usually getting dirty, it isn’t beautiful white and fluffy anymore with Christmas in the air, rather it’s still cold and your body gets spring fever.  

Now, I am happy I was married in March because I have an excuse to get away somewhere warm when I am craving it the most.  Thank goodness hubster surprised me with a 15 year anniversary get a way!  I don’t remember if I mentioned before but we were in the car when he told me and I literally teared up because I am ready for a break … more than I can put into words.  It has been an intense 6 months.

Hub man is full of surprises and I never know what he has up his sleeve.  

He gets what he wants, finds who he needs, says what he thinks and is who he is.  He has lived his whole life this way, so different than myself.  I am pretty fine not getting what I want, if I can’t find someone I figure I wasn’t supposed to, I hold valuable feelings in my brain instead of saying it, and who am I…I don’t know just pretty happy and content.

I remember after we had been dating a few months I flew to Manzanillo Mexico with my cousin Ally to help take care of my Grandma at her condo.  She was deep into the pit of Alzheimer’s at this point and she needed full time care to ensure her safety.  Ally and I weren’t complaining, after all this condo is in a beautiful little town full of charm and untouched by tourism.  Her condo sits high on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean.  The waves crash onto the rocky beach with such force and determination that I can never sit and just watch.  It drives me away on my feet with a fear in my chest I can’t describe.  It is LOUD and made of things from my worst nightmares.  The rocks crash against each other and when the water is sucked back into the deep blue abyss, there is another world there creepy crawling along the rocks.  You have to look close, but when you do you see shells moving…housing crabs that are scurrying along.  


I got away on a tangent there for a minute, but it is so surreal…almost from a dream.  Anyway, I’ll have to tell that whole story later because it is QUITE a story…so funny I pee when I tell it, but it would take forever.  BUT the part I wanted to say today is that I was sitting in the condo feeling like a princess in a book, when all of a sudden the lady from downstairs came a hollerin’ up the stairway saying, 

“Is there a Janae that is staying here?!”

Let me reemphasize one more time how crazy this is.  I am somewhere in a remote town in Manzanillo in another country.  Cell phones didn’t exist yet *to the general public*, I have no phone in this condo and the condo number is listed NOWHERE and this guy I started dating STILL finds a lady that lives by us to come and find me just so we can talk on the phone for a minute.  I remember laughing first, feeling kind of creeped out second, and then falling in love third. 

I remember saying to Ally,


as we both laughed and ate fresh guacamole and freshly squeezed orange juice.

That is why when hubs looked a little too excited about the cruise we would be going on, 

I had to wonder what was up his sleeve.  How else could he surprise me?  He already booked  it as a surprise….but he wouldn’t stop smiling that {I can’t wait} smile, so I beat it out of him.

“TELL ME!! Why are you acting this way??”

“Well,  they told me I should wait.”

“WHO told you that you should wait?”

“Well the people that already know.”


and so it went 

until he pulled out his iphone and said

“I can’t wait!  Get a load of THIS.”

Now, I don’t know how many of you have been on a cruise, but the first time we went it was like the size of a closet with no windows and we couldn’t even walk to our bed, the room was the bed. The second time we went, it was a great size so that we could walk and we had a balcony with a sliding door with a little balcony.

But this??

 This is no normal room.  I guess it is the owners suite, meaning the owner of the boat.  They couldn’t use it on the time slot we were going and I guess they found our name somewhere and decided to offer us the upgrade of staying in it.  


It is the top of the ship and *hear say* it looks out over the front of the boat and all of the pools so you can see where you are going!  I am already having girlish fantasies of being Rose on Titanic

I am a total Motel 6 kind of girl, really don’t mind where I sleep much as long as it is mostly clean and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg….but I am very excited to stay here because Jon and I are big boat people and it will be so interesting to see…


a tiny rumor that we don’t have to wait in any lines and we can board the boat when we want with an elevator going strait to just our room… what a treat and really we are still spending way less than a normal vacation.  Cruises have great deals right now. 

So, I am off to try and pack for the family while I am gone.  School clothes, play clothes, writing schedules down for the various people helping me make this possible.  I owe a lot to the people helping, or I could never leave.  Handsome especially right now needs to go only to Grandma’s and that is where he is going. He loves it there.  I don’t know yet if I will blog from the boat, depends on if hubman is reading or if we are too busy to care…we shall see!

Either way I will come back with reports of adventure and pictures. 

{although I am having major issues with hard drive space on my computer and it has threatened to crash if I don’t delete a bunch of stuff.  That’s why I’ve had less pics}

Have a great day!

{hopefully you are getting more done than I am}

OH and

*Time to get a spray tan!*

{I am a white Utah girl that has inherited celestial skin that I inherited from my dad ,and been out of the sun for 7 months!} I always return whiter from trips like this than when I left because the tan starts to wear off like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12!