Woosh…that went fast!

I have spent a lot of time at the kids school this week.  Yesterday was Monkey’s {un-birthday} so she had the chance to shard treats with the class just like the kids that have birthdays during the school year.  I brought her green sprinkled donuts because it’s close to St. Patricks day.

I love her school teacher.  She is an amazing woman and such a blessing in so many people’s lives.  Her name is Mrs. Soderstom.  She has studied in depth how to teach kids with dyslexia and reading disabilities.  Monkey doesn’t have a problem reading, but I appreciate all of her hard work, and determination in making sure EVERY kid in her class learns to read…and well.  She teaches them phonics on a very high level and at first I was so overwhelmed because it is college level, but now towards the end of the year I can see an amazing transformation in how Monkey sees words and sounds them out.  It is a skill that will last forever.  I wish Jon would have had a teacher that was as patient and understanding as Mrs. Soderstrom.  He has paid for his weakness in reading and writing his whole life.  He has learned other ways to be successful, but it is how he views himself.  

Thank goodness for all of the amazing teachers out there.  My hat is off to you…this includes my own mother, aunts, uncles, grandparents and dad who is now one of the superintendent of Granite School District.  I see the hundreds of extra hours that go into your job and I thank you! I helped correct papers again.  This time it took me a little less time because I figured out her system a bit better.  I correct their spelling test for the day *they have one every day*, checked their spelling practice *that they also have every day, writing words five times each*, and then I checked the sentence that was dictated to them *which they also do every day checking for capitals, periods, commas etc*

Remember these kids are in first grade! 

Amazing, and it’s no wonder she uses a lot of parent volunteers to help correct it all.  If it is done wrong, it is returned and expected to be done again….every day.

I loved also loved how she celebrated her birthday.  

She had her sit in the front of the class and show her “birthday book” which has her favorite things inside including pictures of when she was little, the fact that she loves lasagna, and the color “rainbow” and that she wants to be a pet shop owner one day.  Next the children all come up and share what they loved about her, the teacher did, and I did.  Most of the things listed over and over were”

She is funny



a good friend

a peacemaker


a pretty smile…

I couldn’t agree more!



Today we visited the school again for Sprites class program.  They are studying Utah and the pioneers this year.  It made for a beautiful devotional.  I took some pics on my phone that I hope worked out…let’s see how it goes!

We always need to trade off to take pictures if we don’t have someone to take one of all of us.

The program was awesome!! Great job Sprite!

Sprite is so talented in many areas.

She is unbelievably smart




and kind

Thanks for being my favorite Sprite!


Then we came home and I let the kids run around outside  because it is a beautiful day.  I can tell the kids are getting cabin fever and need to run in the fresh air.

My little angel…with sun rays beating down.

He had to try out his new bike that he got for his birthday.  I am sure it will get a lot of use this summer.

These two are like 2 peas in a pod.

I feel so blessed to have them both.  They are really like twins and I know they will be so close as they grow older.  The always say please and thank you to each other after they beat on each other and take toys!

I couldn’t ask for more!

Man, I have cute kids!  Mack has been a huge help with all of the kids and always brings me ice cold drinks, watches the kids, and makes me laugh…that kid is funny!

She sent me this picture last night when I was working on bills and helping noo with homework.

She tagged it as on my facebok wall as

“what beautiful kids you have!”

Noo has been working hard on dance and received silver *the highest honor* in all four of her dances and won “critiques choice” over 70 dance teams in Denver.  This means you don’t have to pay to enter in New York and they only award it to ONE dance.  Each of the 70 teams have several dances! They nominate four dances and TWO were noo’s!!

One was her group dance, which won and the other was a small group of 4 that she is in.


I am so grateful for my beautiful kids and their amazing talents.

We have days we struggle, and we have days we celebrate.