I woke up today needing a much needed journal time on a new personal *private* blog I created.  I think that since I started blogging, it is just a natural way for me to record thoughts. 

I have so much I am facing and have devoted some time to meditation and personal scripture study.  It’s funny that the things we know that will help us the most, somehow get pushed to the end of the list so I put my foot down on myself today and focused.  I need to make it part of my regular *me* time in order to be healthy and strong.  I would encourage you to do the same, however that is for you.

 You will be happier and feel more balanced. 🙂


Jim Scherer

On another quick note, I am headed out to Monkey’s school classroom to celebrate her 

un-birthday because her birthday falls in the summer time. I think that green is in order because of the time of year.  Hmmm, I’m thinking green ice cream or donut holes with green sprinkles.  Whatever it is, it needs to happen fast!


Have a great day!