It’s a very rare occasion that I would ever post on a Saturday night, but because my significant other is rubbing shoulders with “the stars” and I have nothing better to do, so here I am.

I actually know very little of who Jon has met and what has gone down, but the very little I know is very outrageous to me.  Some PR lady that books shows for Gail, Oprah’s friend…came by and met Jon and LOVED our product and story.  

She has big plans, that’s all I know.

and so do many other magazines and new stations.

I have never been one to swoon over famous people, or even know their names.  I guess I have had enough excitement in my own life without needing other people’s drama to fill my time.  *so if you see a picture and actually know who the person is, let me know.*

I recognized Teri Thatcher from Desperate Housewives, the lady from My name is Earl..

some other’s look familiar but I’m not sure why.  I have gotten random pictures through face book that are only phone snapshots and the good pictures will come later.  

Jon saw this cake and thought it was pretty amazing!  I agreed and told him to bring

 it home for his birthday in a few weeks.

and how cute is this lady?!

I am sure there will be bundles more of Oscar stuff to post next week, but that’s all I have right now.


Noo Noo is currently in Denver Colorado competing for the NYC Nationals in July..yes she is going to New York.  I don’t know quite how I will pull that one off yet, she may have to go with her team even though I would love to be there.  She is staying for a week and it would be super hard to take all of the kids, and hard to leave them too.

We will see…here is a picture I just got right before the award ceremonies.  I haven’t heard the results yet, but I love the look on her face.  Dancing makes her world go ’round.. she is just like I used to be.

She is the one almost smack dab in the middle, above the front center girl.


As for me?

I’ve been sick and trying to keep the kids busy

I went to the Justin Bieber show yesterday and now officially have


He is a doll and I totally get why girls across the world are swooning over him.

He has a darling personality and is naturally very talented.

Oh, and he is cute.  I loved watching how he overcame all odds to reach his goals.

Justin Bieber 2011 Wall Calendar

Mack had it planned all along

{Get mom loving Justin Bieber, and Mom takes me to his concert}

I think it worked.


I also took the kids to see the Gnomeo and Juliet movie which wasn’t to die for but filled up some of the Saturday.  It was snowing and cold outside and I don’t have much energy, so it was perfect. 

 It was a 3D movie and the kids enjoyed it, I guess that is all that matters!

My favorite part of the day was when I was driving home and I turned around to see this:

Handsome zonked with his 3D Glasses still on.

Little stinker made it half way through the movie and then Mack had to take him out because he was done.  Someday he will sit through a whole movie…just not yet.