Lots going on today in the Pink Moss world.

First off, I was featured on theCasual Blogger Communitywhich is such a privilege.  

They are a great company/blog.  They are the ones that hosted the blogging conference I went to a while back.  They have grown extremely fast and I am happy for their success!

Thanks CBC!

Next in the News:

Jon has been at the Oscars playing all week to launch “Diamonds by Donna”.

He wanted to surprise his girls, so he sent over this video last night.

The girls freaked out of course because Jane Lynch is famous because of “Glee” right now.

Mack was the most pumped up because she is the one that actually watches the show.  

Dad was instantly a hit!

I can only imagine what would happen if he snags a Justin Bieber autograph or video!

I may just have to restart her heart.

Jon has been meeting some pretty interesting people and having a great time.  He was on a radio show yesterday for a minute and I about died being so far away from him and wanting to support him so much.  I have been there for 17 years watching every business step and helping him along the way.  All I could do was stare at the radio from my kitchen…miles and miles away.  

I am realizing after going to counseling a few times, that I am a protector…and I have protected Jon in his business life also.  I saw his potential back when he was being a young punk kid.  I knew he was destined to do great things even when others didn’t.  I was there at his first trade shows for JR Landscaping sitting at the booth for hours with him when I was only 18 years old.  I helped write the contracts for his first bids for retaining walls and helped him make good and bad business decisions from a very young age.  

We were dealing with many thousands of dollars….like Monopoly…

If we wanted a new boat, we would go pay cash.

When he found out I loved Jeeps, he snuck out and bought me one for my 19th birthday.

We made money, and we spent money like it was air.

We bought four wheelers and snowmobiles.

We played like kids with a too big of bank account.

and then we lost everything.

and it was good for us.

It changed how we viewed things and we learned through experience the pain of 

having nothing.

Not food, or home.

Friends even left…the kind of friends we found out to not need anyway.

It was Jon and I.

That’s it

and the world we started to build for our family through food stamps and second hand clothes and most of all LOVE.

It will soon be our 15 year anniversary and we have gone through things I could have never imagined, good and bad.

Who would have thought back when I was eating potatoes every meal that we would be invited to attend the Oscars with one of our businesses.  It’s actually kind of comical.

I thought it would be great to post the press release going out today with you

so I posted it over at Jon’s site.

Have a great day and shoot for the stars!