I will try to keep these photos down…to….only several hundred.

There are so many beautiful pictures of the day that it will be hard to choose.  It is probably a good thing I don’t have enough time to do them all, because I might have.

It all began in my bathroom.  

I had 30 minutes to do 5 heads of hair.  Rooz and I had gone to get our hair done and the girl took WAY too long doing something I could have done in 45 minutes.  Looking back, I should have just stayed home and did my own hair unless I had an updo like Rooz.  She needed a pro for her hair, and it was worth every dime!

As you can see in the picture, I was stressed and intent on what I was doing.  We had to drive to Midway and I couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be if we were an hour late and held up the whole wedding.  Whole wedding meaning BOTH of Rooz’s sides of her family.  Her mom’s family, her dad’s family, and Scott’s family.  

I was sick to my stomach trying to pull the whole thing off, and nervous for Rooz trying to balance all the different people and personalities involved.  Let’s just say, it hasn’t always been roses and cherries when it comes to Rooz’s WHOLE family.


Mandy followed me down the stairs as I fixed hair and walked at the same time.


Of course I was out of gas even though we were late, and had to stop.

I was so proud of Rooz for living up the day and not worrying about the calorie content in her breakfast.

{I know, not the typical mother point of view}

 She was married at the Zurmatt in Midway Utah. 

It was a beautiful January day with sun shining and fresh cool air.

We had a quick wedding party practice walking down the isle.

 Maria came to help with Handsome.  

You never know when he is going to have a freak out session, and I didn’t know if I would be able to help when it happened.  Handsome LOVES her and it worked out seamlessly.

Karen {rooz’s mom} and I tied up her dress in a big hurry. 

I still had to get dressed and make sure my kids were ready.  Those big long beautiful laces up the back of dress…ya…pretty but a pain in the butt!

 Rooz and Scottie had matching shoes with each others names on them.

It was stinkin’ cute!

All of the girls helped get Handsome ready…

and boy was he handsome!

I thought this was a cute picture of Karen helping Rooz get her darling socks and garter on.

Rooz’s veil kept falling out,so once again I was pinning it in.

Yes girls, I have the cutest son in law on the planet.

I used to feel like a weirdo lady thinking he was so cute, but then I realized that I hope all my son in laws are as cute as Scott with just as great of personalities!

To make it even better, Scoot has four brothers!

Their family is just like ours *almost* with 5 boys and one beautiful girl at the end.

My beautiful Noo Noo in her darling dress and smile.

Noo Noo, Sprite and Mack


 After we were ready, they loaded us all into a van and drove us down to the room she would be married in. 

Rooz had the same look on  her face all day.

People were stressed out around her trying to keep the logistics in check, but she was in another world.  She beamed.  Her love and excitement was written all over her face.

Rooz getting ready before she walked down the isle.

 These are Rooz’s bothers on her mom’s side.

I love this picture…so cute.

This is Scott’s darling sister and niece.

 from left to right

Amy *my sister in law*, Scott *my bro*, My mom and dad *check out his groovin glasses!

He is such a trooper having had eye surgery THE DAY BEFORE and puttin’ on the shades anyway.* Grandma Ginny, Patti *jon’s mom*, and Bob *jon’s dad*

As per Rooz request, both dads walked her down the isle.

And Scott’s dad married them.

After Rooz was married, we only had a very short time to try and take pictures with our family.  She had to take video first and then rush back in for a luncheon for her mom’s side of the family.  

 Jon’s mom, Grandma Ginny, and my mama…what a dish!

Rooz friends are never far behind…

My sister in law Heather…and Bug.

Our good friends, the Leavitts.

And there you have it,

for the first few hours of the day anyway!  I wish I could cut it down more…I just can’t.  I am already taking out a million cute pictures!  GOMANDYOLIVER.COM,she rocks the house!

And now for the reception.

We sent out around 1200 invites between our family and Scott’s family.  I have no idea how many people showed up but we rented the whole building *several huge rooms* and had a constant flow the whole night.  We definitely used the space and it didn’t feel crowded.

See the balloons and fabric on the ceiling?

It was all worth it for the floating snowflakes….well, maybe you should get a second opinion from our friends that helped us hang them all.

*thanks ladies!!*

At one point a snowflake drifted perfectly over the lit candle on the fireplace.

You should have seen the reaction from the building manager and everyone trying to find the ladder FAST!  At least it was before the reception!  

Leave it to me to burn a building down for aesthetic value alone.

Rooz and I both love hydrangea’s and they brought in such a beautiful color.

They were our of season, but were worth it!

I found these chargers at Michael’s craft for a dollar each, and candle holders there also on sale for about 6 dollars each.  It turned out beautiful and the interior designer of the building offered to buy them off of me when it was over.  I sold them because I didn’t want to store them all and they will get a lot more use out of them then I will.

These crystals and sprayed twigs were a perfect winter wonderland addition.

With the building ready and the kids dressed again, it was time to lace up Rooz for the last time.

This is how we take care of Handsome when he acts up…

And this is how we took care of the other ring bearer *Max*

Really…can  you imagine being cute *mother Mary* as the boys all call her.

She raised 5 boys and a girl.



Noo Noo looking proper..


We had a Carmel fountain, a milk chocolate fountain, and a dark chocolate fountain with 12 or so options of dipping.  Fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, Swedish fish, oreos…and and and.

Yes, my sweet tooth Monkey




Noo Noo and my friend Rachael that helped me plan the reception.

She helped me keep my brain straight as I waded through my designs, the food, and set up.


I owe you my first born…I’ll have to let her know.  

She would be a great babysitter for you!

What’s this I see…? Oh, Monkey is back again!

My very talented mommy hand made this porcelain replica doll for Rooz.

It is a tradition for her…crazy lady, but we all love it!  I still have mine in my bedroom from almost 15 years ago.  She also made the dress to match.

This doll was in the front entryway with signs pointing where to go.

Upstairs for the reception part you just saw, straight ahead for the “children’s room” full of toys snacks and a movie for sad kiddos, to the left for the gift room, hot chocolate bar and photo booth.  Out the doors for the carriage rides that were given all night.


The kids LOVED the hot chocolate bar and they kept coming back over and over again.

We also had hot cider available for the people that liked the better.  It was a really cold night and after going on a carriage ride, it hit the spot.

After the people had their pictures taken in the photo booth, we had them glue it on a scrapbook page and write them a note.  We had this instead of a sign in book.  I never looked at mine again, but I am sure they will take a look at this sometime in the future.  

I found a coupon for half off $1,000. to rent the photo booth!

It had expired online, but they honored it anyway.

It would be really easy to set up your own with a cute backdrop if you didn’t want to spend the money for a party or wedding.  The guests loved it and had so much fun taking pictures.

This is Heather and Karen my awesome high school friends

*thanks for coming, I love you!!*


 This is my niece Shauntyl that Jon and I raised for four years.  She came when I had just barley given birth to Noo Noo, so I had four kids in two years at age 22.

It’s no wonder I’m crazy!

People say I look young now, but you should  have seen their faces when I would have had to have been 14 to have Shauntyl, 16 to have had Rooz, 20 for Mack, and 22 for noo noo.

 My supportive family that came and to represent the ones that couldn’t.

We were really in bad shape with my dad having eye surgery, my brother scott *above* with wife amy, Carter, and Hallie, My sister Camille had a week old baby at the time, and Emmy was very sick so Dave came without her…kids in tow.

Thanks fam, it meant a lot to me!

Rooz is no wimp.

She let him have it…no reservations!

That’s my girl!

But it goes both ways in this situation

good for them.

The Livingston family *jons sister*

The Singer family *Jon’s other sister*

ummm, I hope she isn’t next.

Heaven help me…

boy oh boy, it just keeps getting younger around here!

 Then the dancing began…

A big thank you for dad for throwing a perfect wedding.

And then Scott melted all the girls hearts in the room that night when he started singing to Rooz and dancing with her.  She just laughed and went with it.  Doesn’t every girl deserve that just once?  I think so!


And this my friends, was Scott and Rooz face when they realized they had gone out onto the balcony to find out what was in the box.  By the look on his face, I think he had a pretty good idea…what with the big TNT lever on the top…

They were directed to push the lever down together….



Daddy’s little surprise!

I knew it was coming…

I thought I had an idea of the magnitude of the fireworks but once again Jon out did anything I imagined.  The fireworks *big daddy fireworks* went on for 15 minutes or so.

It was completely magical.

The lights reflected off the snowy fields below and everyone was hugging each other.  It was peaceful and beautiful.  There was oooooing and ahhhhing until the end when we all cheered.

Thanks Jon, truly you are the best dad a girl could ask for.

He traded a bunch of work and equipment to cover our little extra splurge.

I am sure the surrounding neighborhoods were wondering what in the world was going on in the middle of winter!  Usually this only happens during the month of July…

Not with Pink Moss!


And then when it was all over, we came inside to get ready to wish them farewell.

Carter looks so cute holding his balloon.  It is SO good to see him out and about after spending so much time in the hospital with heart surgeries.

We love you Carter!

Looking into Sleepy Ridge from the outside.

The horses sat calm waiting for the newlyweds to make their arrival…

So we all lit our sparklers and waited…


And by that point, we were all petty exhausted!

You can tell this is Jon’s seventh child…not the first, by the smirk on his face.

reliving the day again makes me want to cry again too.

Cry because it was beautiful, cry because it was so tiring, and cry because this post has taken me longer than weeks of posts combined.  Good thing I am sick and don’t feel like doing anything anyway.

And these girls were excited to be done hanging snowflakes!!

And the Grandma’s were proud to have made it through the whole darn day!

and me…

I chose beauty and pain over comfort once again…

fun fun shoes, that were comfortable for heels but still didn’t make it the whole night.


if you made it though the longest day of this year so far




you are probably exhausted too!

 I don’t know if I should kiss mandy for so many great pics or hurt her.