I finally received Rooz’s bridals from my Mandy, and boy was it worth the wait!

Feast your eyes upon her talent, Rooz’s beauty….and a perfect day.

We flew Mandy up from California to take these bridal shots.  We only had a day to pull it off and the day we picked was pouring rain….cats and dogs I’m tellin’ ya!  Our plans for shooting outside were ca put!  We decided to jump into the car and drive to Salt Lake so we could take some pictures in the state capital building.

Mack, Noo Noo, Mandy and Rooz shoved the dress, makeup, rain boots, flowers *we bought on the way* and ourselves into the car and set off to make the situation work.  When we arrived, there were puddles everywhere.  I was worried for Rooz’s hair because I did it, and I’m no professional…but it stayed in somehow and we pulled it off.

We tiptoed/ran into the building only to see a huge sign that said, “Absolutely no pictures taken without written permission from the main office.  Please call…. to set up an appointment at least a week in advance!”


We had no idea and just looked at each other with HUGE eyes!  Well, I decided that it is always better to ask for forgiveness than permission so I taught my girls a really important lesson in “acting dumb”  Being blond it isn’t that hard to pull off…

“shhhhhhh” I said, and I led them into the bathroom.

We quick stripped off Rooz’s clothes and adorned her with a huge puffy Cinderella-like gown.  I was proud.  Proud of the fact I had been a *faux mom* for 17 years and SOMEHOW made it, proud we had a good relationship through the ups and downs and adolescence, proud she was beautiful, and proud she was sneaking in with me without any fuss.

“HURRY…..I mean hurry…shhhhhh”

We laced up her dress as the other kids watched the door.  Mandy went into the large beautiful stately room and started setting the light for her camera.  As soon as Rooz was ready we tip toed out into the room made of marble.  Her golden shoes were click clicking on the hard floor and I was wondering how many shots we would get before I would have to plead my case. 

“PLEEEEASEEEEEE it is raining outside and I flew her here from California!”

We were all sweating and giggling as Mandy started firing off shots.  We gradually made our way into the main area and utilized all of our best efforts to fix her dress, move her flowers, and hold the stuff.

Do you know those kinds of fits of laughter you get when you aren’t supposed to laugh?

It feels almost impossible to keep it all tucked up inside of you because you are ready to erupt?  It always makes it worse when you are trying to be quiet…

It was a memorable experience and one I will never forget. The longer we went, the more we saw other photographers that were doing as they wished with their equipment and the tension eased a bit.  At least I could point out all the other rule breakers in my defense.

What came of this photo shoot is nothing less than magical.


and brilliant.

Thank you {MandyOliver.com

Mandy is for hire, and I strongly recommend if you wish to fly her, she will come to your event.  Her prices and talent are worth the airfare.  Also, if you live in Southern California you are in huge luck!! She resides there and will come shoot your wedding…family photos….and anything  else you want, just contact her from her website!

And now, without further delay….

The last one is the one I blew up for my house…but I am seriously considering getting the black and white one on the couch…but I LOVE lovie them all!! This computer hardly does the pictures justice…you should see them in real life and BIG!

What is your favorite?