I found Sprite in bed last night in the middle of writing a story.  

It was so cute and I can hardly believe how grown up she is getting.  We are all going down to her soccer tournament in Saint George soon and it will be fun to cheer for her from the sidelines.  Soccer is a nice sport to watch..at least compared to gymnastics where you sit there for four hours waiting

and THEN


run run run run run 




sit for an hour.

“Oh wake up!! Here she comes, oooooo the beam scares me!  Four inches of width to balance all those tricks on, WAY above the air! This is SO intense! GOOD JOB!”


sit for another hour.

You get the point. Sprite is the goalie most of the time and pretty much kicks butt.  I can say that as her mother right?  I do believe so.  She is getting little soccer chick legs and it goes nicely with her stubborn competitive personality.  I am planning on signing up Monkey here pretty soon also.  

Next weekend Noo Noo travels to Colorado to compete in a dance competition.  She is going with her team for that one because we just watched her dances here.  Mack is signing up for high school soon enough and we are minutes away from learning to drive and going on a date!  

Heaven help me.

I am content with the Justin Beiber poster she has taped to the underside of the top bunk so she can stare at him as she goes to sleep.  Yes, I think that will suffice for another three or four years and then we will think about a date.

Bug and Handsome run around together non stop either beating on each other or laughing incessantly.  

Oh, back to my schedule that is making my head spin.

After we get back from Saint George, Jon leaves for the Oscars two days later and is gone for four days.  I will hold the fort down and a week later we leave for our cruise.  It isn’t a long one because I don’t want Handsome to worry too much about where we went.  He does really well with the girls, so I am not worried {well, not very worried} I will have to call and talk to him to make sure he knows I’m still around.  When I have to go on errands I do this and he loves it.  

So back from the cruise and two weeks later I am going on the second annual girls trip to California!  I never planned on it being so crazy…but that is just what happens.  Hubsman will be here for that one so I’m not worried about Handsome those four days.

All of a sudden there will be about a month until summer is here and school lets out!  And the calender rolls around and around and around.

Thank goodness for summer time on our boat!

I will leave this post at that, whatever “that” is.

I just got Rooz’s pics in the mail!!

happy happy joy joy!

I’ll post them asap