I had to share the best lil’ pic in the west that I snapped on my ipod touch this morning.  

Handsome LOVES wearing shoes around the house that make noise.  This is something he has done right from the start before he even lived with us.  Sometimes it’s high heels {much to daddy’s chagrin}, other times it’s dad’s business shoes or as you can see above, snowboarding boots.  Today is the first time he got his hands on those and he looks perty proud of himself if you ask me!

So today he took off his poopy diaper again and rubbed it into the carpet, the white carpet.  It’s a good thing we own a carpet cleaning business but it is still embarrassing letting my guys into our home on a regular basis to clean poo. “Hi there so and so, yes it’s upstairs in my bedroom.  It’s nice and smashed in so you might have to scrub for a while. Oh, and did you bring your nose plugs because he ate beans and rice last night with onions in it, and it is quite potent…”

You see my dilemma?  I am sure to heighten turn over in that business just from my personal requests.

So Handsome’s birthday is on Thursday.  He will be two.  I know for a fact it will be a hard birthday for the family he left  behind.  

It was very sweet to think of him on his special day.  Of course they would think of him, but extra sweet to send a package of things he would enjoy as he grew older.  I asked if they wanted to share their letters from Handsome’s birth mom and they said they did.

From Na Na:

My dearest Grandson,

I know that this is not a lot, but there are some things that we wanted to send to you for your birthday.  This is going to be a hard birthday for me.  It is going to be your second birthday but your first birthday without me there so I sent some pictures of you when you were with us and I hope it shows you how much you were loved.  The little blue car was your favorite! You got it from your great grandma last year on your first birthday.  When you were born we had your little hands done in plaster to almost save time to preserve it.  I want to give you one and I will keep the other so when you turn eighteen our hands will be reunited once again.  I love you my grandson more than you will ever know for you are my heart my strength my light to the rod.  I also got you another CD so that you may sleep soundly into your dreams.  

My grandson, I know that we are apart but not for long  Even through for it feels like time has stood still, but life will still move on faster than we know.  We will see and hold each other again and weep and cry in each others arms , even though by then you will be a man.  You are my grandson no matter what when you were a newborn, then when you turn twelve then twenty one you are and always will be my #1!

I love you Handsome and Happy Birthday!

PS: at least it’s not jewel *hehe*

Oh, and your mom’s a cowboy’s fan!  but don’t blame her for that, we all have our faults! GO BRONCOS!

Very sweet…And now for the letter from Handsome’s birth mom that they just sent us from Christmas:

To Me, dad and Handsome,

Thank you for adopting my son and giving him the best Christmas and life.  Handsome this is mommy, I wanted you to have the best life and I want you to know that me and your dad love you very much.  I will tell you about him later in life when you understand.  

I remember the Christmas we had together.  We woke up early and opened presents together and you still were asleep and tired.  I don’t blame you but you did have fun and this is going to be the best years of your life and I hope you have a great Christmas and birthday.  This is a card to you but I will right you more later but please take care of my baby boy and I wish I still had him  but I thought his life would be messed up with me so you guys can take care of him please.  Will you write me and let me know how he is doing and if he is cooperating with the change and if he is used to it please thanks a lot.

I don’t think Handsome’s birth mom has the Internet, so I  will send her a copy of this letter from me:

Dear Handsome’s Mommy,

On this very special birthday, that we both celebrate together, I wanted to take the time and thank you for the most precious gift I have ever received.  I know you gave this gift to your son, but I also benefit from the love you so evidently feel for him.  You are not with him physically, but you are forever bonded to him.  You have a mothers bond that nobody can take away, and I would never try.  I understand the link between mother and child and no space of time or miles can take that away.

I do however plan on, and have, bonded with him in a different way.  It is also a mothers bond but it came as a surprise and I believe an enormous blessing that I will never forget.  I prayed for a perfect little boy to come into my home, and he did.  I prayed in my heart for years, for a brown haired little guy with a deep raspy voice, which he has.  I yearned for a little boy’s hand that was more like a paw, to wrap around my fingers, and I indeed have been granted that as well.  I dreamt of a boy that loved music as largely as I, and he now hums with me before he sleeps.  I ached for a wrestling rough playing son for my husband, and I watch them in action every day.  I have even been blessed beyond my desire with a son complete with upgrades such as loving fish like his dad, a twin for my lonely youngest daughter, and a bond that he brings pulling all sisters together.

I promise to you that I will take care of him.  He has my heart, as do all of my other children.  He has my attention and my listening ear.  He has love from not only our family but family we don’t see, and I promise to always share this thought with him, for he is loved.  I will always relay your love and your mom’s love to him as he grows and when it is time for you to reunite, it will be with only the best feelings he will meet you.  You gave him to us to raise, because you love him and I will make sure he understands this.

We will always encourage him to be who he is and help cultivate his personal talents that are more apparent everyday.  He is now saying 3 and 4 word sentences instead of grunting and pointing.  He is strong, tough even and is physically healthy.  He is so loving and careful when he is rough housing with the girls, but knock em’ out powerful with his dad.  He is perfect.

I hold the deepest love and respect for you.  Be healthy and happy.  Know that he is in good hands and will be taken care of.  Make sure to take care of yourself because I know Handsome would want you to. He will want a strong happy birth mom to return to when the time is right.  He will be a strong young man and will want to be proud to call you mom, and I know he will.



The END.