It is Saturday

and it is


an eerie sound if you are me.

Mr. Fishhubs man decided that today was the day he would take all of the kids to the Aquatic Center.  Which is a good thing and an exciting thing, especially because I am sick and he insisted on me 

“STAY in bed and feel better!”  

“OK!”  I agreed…and then I felt guilty, SIX kids alone with him during nap time and me in BED?”

Then I reasoned with myself that I do it all the time.  I am with all the kids every day of my life.  

I got the kids all ready while he ran to get new soccer cleats for Sprite and picked up Noo Noo from her friends house.  

It was busy and loud as usually until I put them all in the car.  I came to my bed to lay down as directed and hubspoliceman came to my side. “No getting out of bed.  If you are going to get up and clean then I would rather have you with me, but I don’t want you with me so you can get better.”


So here I lay… blogging…in the quiet.  I have so many things I could get done without Handsome wrapped around my ankle giggling as I try and walk, or Bug begging for a story.  It is just me and I realize

I have never been all alone, not in my entire 35 years of life.  As oldest of five kids, roommate to many, and married with an insta-family…I have never been just me.  The thought alone feels weird and creepy crawly.  What would I be like? I truly have not a clue.

a butcher

a baker

a candlestick maker?

So I was thinking…”I could eat burnt almond fudge ice cream in bed alone and read!”

so I did and now I am sick. I’m pretty sure I ate too much.

Now I am getting the desire to reorganize the rooms or move furniture and stuff like that but hubster specifically mentioned not moving around the rooms again.  Nope, I am stuck in bed and I should be sleeping.  

Maybe I’ll sleep…the thought of sleeping at 1:45 pm boggles my mind.  I can hear the fridge tick, the heater turn on and actually have enough mental power to realize my eyes sting.  Yes, I need to sleep.

but I can’t

I feel like I am wasting time even though sleeping isn’t wasting time in my dictionary.

mmmmmm maybe I could look online for a swimsuit for the Caribbean, now I’m thinking…although I’m pretty sure he didn’t plan on me shopping for 6 hours in their absence.

{maybe just 3}

I’ll let you know what I find, my eyelids or some great little number to hula dance in!



I slept for at least three hours and feel much better {until Handsome was up all night last night}

and I had a successful shopping trip right from my bed.

Check this lil’ number out!!

I’m thinking this would look great swaying in the breeze over a green or pink or white swimsuit, as I eat a fresh mango under a palm tree. ….oooooooo I can just taste it now. 

Oh! I almost forgot, I bought it at for $44 just in case you Valentine Heart it too


I use to kinda thought that March was a dreadful time to be married, 

now I think it is perfect because it is right when I need a break although I haven’t always gotten one.  Some anniversaries were spent at home with a rented movie, and others at the cabin but THIS year, for our big 15 we will be in the sun.