Happy Friday my friends!

I wanted to share a little tid bit, that my good friends *The Ellisons* family of our friend that died of prescription drug abuse, will be on the news tonight.  They will be speaking about why we are starting the Zeke Foundation.  If you are local and want to tune in,

 it will be on channel 4 at 10:00 pm.  

The link to the newly started foundation is 

Zeke Foundation

I will be starting to attend the meetings in the community to battle this problem.  The focus of the new foundation is:

“A foundation focused on families with addicts of prescription drugs. We educate and provide open forums for families to learn how to act, not react with an addict in their lives. We also work with local governments in helping to pass laws that promote accountability for physicians and pharmacist in the prescribing of addictive drugs. We believe in not just fixing the addict but fixing the environment they will return to.”

If you want to support our cause, take a jaunt over to the Zeke Foundation and follow the blog.  Our hope is to eventually be across the country and with YOUR help we can be.  

If you have a story you want us to share, send it to me and I will get it posted on the blog.  The more we can raise awareness and knowledge about this problem, the faster we can have an impact.  


I thought I would share this picture so you can get as good of laugh at it as I did.

It’s notes I find like these that always put a smile on my face!

{so did the huge bouquet of flowers and chocolate covered cinnamon bears hubsromantic 

brought me “just because” yesterday.  *thanks honey, it was a rough week*

Have a great weekend!