Christmas in February.  

I figured I’d better post a bit about Christmas 2010 before Valentines 2011 rolls around, 

so here we go.

Do you remember how I told you that I had snowflakes above my bed all winter every year?  I wasn’t kidding. 

 I love them.  

They blow in the breeze and when my skylight is open above my bed and make me happy.  I had a neighbor visit my house a few months ago and ask, 

“I love your decorations.  What is your decorating style?” 

All I could do was laugh and tell her I just set out things that make me happy,

  {I don’t know if you can label that *eclectic maybe* but the snowflakes are a perfect example}


It is tradition and expected every year.  Somehow we keep growing and it should be interesting *MANY* years down the road when grand kids start coming around. 

 {Come on I need to be older than a 37 year old Grandma}. 

 ANYWAY my bed.  

It is maybe one of only 3 times I have actually had to wake up Handsome.  He isn’t used to that and made it kind of fun.  He was so confused and groggy but could feel the excitement brewing in the air and was up for whatever was coming his way.

Soon after we are on the bed the kids know that I always run to the bathroom and get to brush my teeth and hair.  I try to take a long as humanly possible to draw out the anticipation. 

And then to the stairs.  

It is a must to take a picture from youngest to oldest, this year it was Handsome’s turn to walk into the present adorned room by the fire place where Santa left some gifts.  

We have a fun tradition of leaving our kids favorite foods out for them.  This had ranged anywhere from pickles and Cheetos to pistachios and hot chocolate.  This was Noo Noo’s loot this year in the food department.

Handsome ran right for his shopping cart without any direction.  

 He knew it was his and let us know right away.  He and Bug both got one and spend countless hours pushing them around and around in circles with whatever toy they are playing with that day. 

 Once I found Handsome IN the shopping cart with Bug pushing.

I don’t know what Santa was thinking, but somehow some pretty riskay underwear made it into Rooz and Scottie’s stocking.  He must have known they would be married in a week and a half!

At first Handsome didn’t know what to expect or how what to do with each gift, but it didn’t take him long to figure it out with a little direction. Soon he was opening every one’s gifts.

This was one of Mac’s prized possessions along with a Justin Bieber doll and an ipod touch.

One of the things the kids wanted this year were “Pillow Pets”.  

They open up into a pillow but snap up to look like the animal.  

One of my favorite things about this year was that both of the new boys in our family were SO into the excitement of it all.  Seriously couldn’t find Scottie and then spotted him under the piano trying to help me hand out presents.  I snapped a pic and am still laughing!

He was shaking like a little boy because he couldn’t contain his excitement.

Maybe that’s because he got an IPhone from his new parents in law.

*we couldn’t help it* Rooz wrapped it up in many different sized boxes until he got to the smallest package containing the main surprise.

Sprite wanted a kindle and uses it every night before bed to read and also at school.  

As you can see, we all have a thing for apple.  Really it’s just because I’m praying their stock will keep rising ….come on baby….. Just kidding, but they all love music and playing the games on the ipod touch.  Internet is blocked of course so they will be safe.

After we opened up all the presents we took them downstairs where Santa left an air hockey table/ping pong/pool combo was left along with a Foosball table an a mini tramp for the hyper spaz twins.  It has been great to help vent their energy during the cold winter months when they are bouncing off of the walls.

It was a beautiful Christmas morning.  

We always head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a yummy breakfast.  We open up presents and visit.  I loved this shirt and bought it for Handsome even though it was only a few days before Christmas…I couldn’t help myself!

Grandpa collects marbles and put together a great collection for Sprite because she loves them too.

Mac was lucky enough to make it out with a wooden cat from Grandma Ginny’s collection…

yes it is funny if you knew how many cats she has in all shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicity’s…it’s crazy.

Grandma Ginny gave Mr. Jon some kind of coin thing..not sure on the details.

oh….Looks like Noo Noo bagged a kitty kitty also…

Bug is quite the poser as you can tell from her mermaid look face.


That afternoon we went to my parents house to party with them. 

Notice the snuggies for all!

My mom made snuggies for us WAY before they were called snuggies.  We love them because they are SO comfortable.  I won’t even admit how much I wear mine when I am hanging out at home.  Mr. Jon got one a few years back and wears it every once in a while.

A few nights ago Jonny and I were hungry at 12 a.m….*how embarrassing*, so we jumped into our snuggies and went for a midnight run to Mac Donald’s. I know barf….but we love their south western grilled chicken salad. 

When we pulled up to pay the money, the boy-man {you know the kind that has sparce scruff with a baby face and a low voice} leaned out the window and stared at us.  I had no idea what he was doing until he said, 

“Ummm sir…it THAT a SNUGGIE?!” 

The visual still kills me because here are these thirty something year olds at 12 am at 

Mac Donald’s…in their snuggies. 

“Why yes it is!”

“Cool! I was wondering if those were comfortable. How are you driving in it?”

“Well, my mother in law makes them open at the bottom so you can still go places.”

Mr. Jon was trying to stay composed and explain why it was so practical to be sportin’ a snuggie.

I think it’s completely practical {and so was the ring Mr. Jon bought me for Christmas}

Let me rephrase that…he bought the ring to resale.  It was his first diamond purchase and he was shaking and sweating because he was so nervous he wouldn’t do it right. 

 He brought it home and showed it to me…

“Hey, do you like this ring I bought?”

That was it.  I was in love.  I knew over the years I would come face to face with a lot of rings but this one spoke to me.  It is a perfect combination of antique looking/bling/and kind of funky.

 “Yes….I LOVE the ring! You did a great job!”  

The ring sold and I was devastated.  I kept calling it mine and I was heart broken…and then the sale fell through.  This happened several more times and then I did it. I begged to have it be my Christmas present

 *it was quite pathetic really* 

but we had bought it for a great price and it was sentimental to Mr. Jon also because it was his first purchase, so I won.  After all we have been through a lot together right?  It was time for a right hand ring. 

 okok, I am feeling a bit selfish and I am sorry for that, but I love my ring!

(notice the nick name detail on the pockets…LOVE it and yes, my mommy did that too!)

Thanks Mom!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is when my brother Dan plays the guitar for everyone.  He is very talented and listening to him is so calming to me.

 We had a blast seeing everyone and loved my parent’s game they made up.  We had to sing or dance for money to go shopping on the after Christmas sales.